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Apostille authenticates the signatures and official seals on public documents like court orders, birth certificates, and other documents offered or issued by the federal agencies or certified by the foreign consul. An apostille certifies the documentation. Thus, the papers will be recognized in the foreign countries by the treaty members of the 1961 Hague convention.

To submit the documents that require authentication, you must have to:

It will help if you notarize your documents before the notary public.

  • For notaries publicly commissioned through the county: At first, documents must be certified by the court clerk where the notary is commissioned, and after the clerk, your documents must be approved and notarized by the state secretary.
  • For notaries publicly commissioned through the state: The documents must be certified by the state secretary where the documents are notarized.

    If you are notarizing your documents, then you should certify your document, and you should follow the order for notarizing your documents.

  • Issuance of your documents
  • Get your documents notarized.
  • If applicable, get your documents certified by the court clerk.
  • Get your certification of documents by the state secretary.

Note: if your documents require certification from both the court clerk and state secretary, then there must be the date that shows the certificate from the court clerk. Then, copies can be forwarded to the state of NJ apostille. If a person does not have correct notarization before the document submission, then the notary services cannot be able to process your request.

The last requirement is based on the seals and signature on the documents, which must be original and authentication of the documents need true certified copies from the notary public. There may be your birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, federally issued documents, and court documents that cannot be certified as true copies by a notary public. The state secretary must approve these kinds of documents.

Obtaining an apostille seal in NJ or anywhere else is a complicated process. In most cases, you are required to obtain the original and certified copies of your documents that are required to apostille. Once your original documents are obtained, you must submit them to the issuing state secretary for apostille. If your document is in another language than English, you must attach a translation that must be notarized after the document certification. Then, to deliver the document, people must fill the service request with a control receipt form. After filling up the service request, you have to fill up another required document, the New Jersey Apostille request form, which is one of the most critical documents for apostille.

The main challenge in obtaining an apostille is the unique document and state secretary requirements people must meet with the valid documents for apostille.

“New Jersey Mobile Notary and Apostille Services” provide apostille services in Trenton with proper documentation and notary issuance. That helps explicitly people searching for apostille services in New Jersey.



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