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The Retainer of Sister Shan in the Warring States Period

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On March 26, Takeda Shingen and Hojo Yasushi launched a joint battle in Mikawahara. Levi counted on his fingers that these two should have missed a point. There has been no movement in Hachioji Castle since Hojo Shikasu's uprising. But the Takeda family makes the resistance officially is also in the rock temple city cat, both sides are so consumed also not to be bored. But the time will soon come to April, spring blossoms, ice and snow melt, Kai side does not have a winter snow, God knows Shinano side will attack. Hojo, on the other hand, is facing the danger of heavy snow in spring and swollen rivers. Do not even start to miss the spring ploughing, it is completely helpless, so do not want to go on but do not want to lose face of the two people tacitly agreed on the date of the decisive battle. Although it is almost March, the Kai Mountain area is still dry and cold. When a gust of wind blew, Takeda Shingen's flag sent out a gust of wind and the flag turned over. The whole battlefield was silent before the war. Only the members of the law enforcement team inspected whether there were people who were shaking their hearts. No matter how many times, there will be some tension before the war. But this time it seemed different from the past, and Levi began to have a sense of expectation. Perhaps because of the baptism of blood in many battles, Livy now has more or less a little bloodthirsty impulse. Is this growth? Livy is not very clear, after all, what he knows about growth is the peaceful growth of Mike, Carol, Ben and so on. He has never thought about whether a person who has adapted to slashing people is growing up or not? The scariest thing is that I seem to have begun to get used to being cut down. But from the point of view that he took Juji and Guoxin with him as insurance, he still liked the feeling of safety more. If, with the protection of these two human weapons, he can still be in danger of Levi, then he had better transfer to occupation M is more convenient. Eagle canthus battlefield, you will find that the whole Sanchuanyuan battlefield seems to be very gentle. It is a relatively flat terrain rarely seen in the mountains, located in Hachioji City and Yantian City. Takeda Shingen set up the array on a hill, and the opposite Hojo clan Yasushi also set up the array on a hill in the east. People are boundless over ten thousand. There are sixteen thousand people ready here, you can imagine what this is a scene, this is Livy has participated in the largest joint war, after all, he used to fight in the civil war, but this is the two daimyo family after the general mobilization of the fighting. Takeda Shingen laid out a crane wing array according to the terrain, and the location of the troops led by Livy was relatively remote. Right on the right wing of the crane wing array, in a relatively marginal position, where one hundred and fifty semi-professional foot light troops were deployed. Over the past 30 years, Kai has been fighting constantly, especially Takeda Shingen's strategy against Shinano. With the support of Jinshan's uninterrupted exploitation, he has a considerable number of semi-professional foot light troops through war. The war was imminent, and after Livy had completed the deployment of his troops, he breathed a foul breath. If it is possible, Pallet rack supplier , we must make a contribution this time. “Do you think there is any good way?” Li Wei quietly discussed with Guo Xin and Ju Ji, who were dressed up as guards beside him. “That goes without saying?” Kikuhime's eyes sparkled with excitement, and she was eager to stare at the Hojo Army in front of her, as if she were looking at a group of dishes in front of her: “As long as we kill them, we can absolutely behead the local generals!” “Ah, you're right.” Levi echoed, looking at the extremely violent girl and nodding, thinking that they were better off, but because he was going to run away, he really didn't care about them, so he could only send a considerable amount of severance to their families. Fruit heart, come behind her when necessary, and do everything possible to make her withdraw from the battlefield when I want to! If something happens to her on the battlefield, she'll be in big trouble! Livy lowered his voice and whispered to Livy next to him. This is difficult to do. Fruit heart with a finger pointing to his cheek, a look of embarrassment: “You know, this little girl's ability is not small, if she unconsciously easy to do, but on the battlefield she must be highly alert, it is very difficult to start ah.” “Well, well, now I'm very upset, and you will say that although it's very difficult, it's very difficult.”. But it's nothing in front of the great Lord Heart, isn't it? “Eh?”? How do you know? “My Lord Guoxin, you seem to like to make such jokes all the time.” Livy sighed lightly, dealing with this kind of woman really needs a heart of quality and quantity. All right, leave it to me. Cut, it's boring. If you are interesting, I will be completely miserable. On the other hand, Ju Ji's words are useless. Personal bravery can't play a decisive role in the battle. Do you have any way? Me? I'm just a weak woman. What do adults want me to do? Guo Xin looked weak and looked at Li Wei with sad eyes. Hello, hello, hello! Stop playing! We're in front of two armies now! How many soldiers are watching. Pay attention to influence, influence! Livy looked unnaturally at the soldier behind him. Sure enough, this group of silly soldiers for this newly joined the Takeda family will be quite incomprehensible, even on the battlefield with catamites. “Oh?” The fruit heart that at the moment pretends to be a man seems to discover what amused thing suddenly like: “Influence?” With these words, she even leaned on Livy. ……” Finished, it seems that his notoriety will be added to the male style, but. Who cares, you can know that you are cool, and the feeling of your heart leaning on yourself is really unspeakable. Hey, hey, hey, you two, don't forget that there are us next to you. Don't you know how to restrain yourself? Ju Ji interrupted the two of them with a disgusting look. Heh heh heh, what? Aren't you happy that I seduced your husband? Fruit heart evil temperament burst out, seems to be teasing the front of the Lolita as an “experienced person”. Who's our husband? Just him? Bah! I don't know why you like this kind of stuff. Kikuhime blushed and stared at Livy. “If it weren't for the fact that we had to escape from Kai, we wouldn't have a fake marriage with him.” 。 omracking.com


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