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Similar to the rose, which can be seen blossoming in gardens and on the slopes of nearly every continent, Ramadan, the holiest festival in Islam, is celebrated all throughout the globe this month via the practices of fasting, praying, and participating in unique rituals and festivities. Muslims from all over the world celebrate Ramadan during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. At this time, Muslims look forward to breaking their daily fast with family and friends and reflecting on spiritual themes. 

The completion of this holy month is marked by the holiday of Eid, which is a time for celebrations and gatherings with friends and family. Flowers, which are used to respect the graves of loved ones and are a welcomed present at every iftar (the sunset meal) or Eid celebration, play a part in the customs of Ramadan all over the globe. It shouldn't come as a surprise that flowers play this function. The rose, which is steeped in history and is renowned all over the globe for its symbolism and folklore, is the ideal flower to represent this important festival.

Roses, which belong to the genus Rosa and consist of between 100 and 150 distinct kinds, may be found blooming naturally on four out of the seven continents. From at least 500 B.C., people in China, Persia, and the Mediterranean region have been selectively breeding the classic five-petaled wild rose with the goal of using it as an attractive plant. Evidence of their selective breeding for size, smell, and the ability to produce multiple sets of petals can be found in art, literature, and artifacts from these times. These early hybrids have resulted in close to a thousand different cultivars of roses in modern times. Art, literature, and artifacts from these times can be found here. There are many different interpretations of roses in the language of flowers, and most of them are dependent on the color of the rose:

  • Red symbolizes passionate love
  • Yellow symbolizes happiness and companionship.
  • Pink symbolizes companionship and gratitude.
  • White symbolizes purity and submissiveness.

These are the best Ramadan flowers you can give to someone to make their day.

During the holy month of Ramadan, a rose of a golden hue will be used to bring attention to the lanterns that are occasionally hung as a form of decoration during this time. As a present for the hostess or a decoration for the table, a bouquet of purple roses such as the “Ascot,” “Blue Curiosa,” or “Claude Brasseur” would be an appropriate choice for any Eid celebration.

The meaning of the rose is deeply ingrained in a great number of cultural, artistic, and religious traditions. It may be found in the gardens of many old emperors and sultans, many of which are now lost to time. The rose is most strongly connected with Sufism in Islam and with the extremely romantic poetry and songs written by some of the most respected poets affiliated with that tradition.


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