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Beer gardens have been around for centuries. They’ve been popular in Europe since the 1600s, but they’re now becoming more and more popular in the U.S. In recent years, beer garden franchises have popped up all over the country, offering craft beer lovers a unique way to enjoy their favorite beverage. But what is it that makes beer gardens so popular? Let's dive into why these beloved businesses are growing exponentially.

The Atmosphere

When you walk into a beer garden, you know you’re in for a good time. Most beer gardens feature bright, fun decor with lots of seating options—from picnic tables to bar stools to cozy couches—so there’s always plenty of room for friends or family gatherings. Many beer gardens also offer outdoor seating when weather permits, making them perfect for those long summer days spent sipping on a cold one.

Affordable Prices

No matter how great an atmosphere is, it won’t matter if customers can’t afford to buy anything! Beer garden franchise owners understand this and make sure that their prices are affordable enough so that everyone can enjoy themselves without breaking the bank. Craft beers are often cheaper at a beer garden than at other establishments because of the bulk ordering discounts they get from distributors—a win-win situation for both customers and owners alike!

Variety & Quality

Beer gardens offer an incredible variety of beers on tap and in bottles or cans—from light lagers to IPAs to fruity sours—and they also serve food such as burgers, fries, pretzels and other delicious pub grub staples. Plus, most offer rotating seasonal selections so there is always something new to try! And because quality is key at any good beer garden franchise, most also employ certified cicerones who take pride in serving only high-quality craft beers at their establishments.

From the inviting atmosphere to the variety of beers on tap and in bottles or cans, it's no wonder why people love visiting their local beer garden franchises! With affordable prices and high-quality offerings from certified cicerones, these establishments provide customers with an enjoyable experience every time they visit—which explains why these beloved businesses are growing exponentially across the country! Whether you're searching for a new spot to grab your favorite drink or just looking to hang out with friends and family on a summer night, you can be sure that your local beer garden will have something perfect just waiting for you!



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