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The risks of a massage

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The risks of a massage

There's no better way to relax than with a soothing massage. With the relaxation of tension in the muscles and improved blood flow to the veins, massaging as often as possible is definitely the way to go.

However, before receiving massage therapy, it is recommended to consider some associated risks. Depending on the condition of the person, serious complications can arise with the massage.

For example, massage therapy is not recommended for people with deep vein thrombosis. It is a condition where a blood clot is found in the deep vein. The blood clot causes the veins to swell. It is a condition that is commonly seen in the legs. When pressure is applied to the area, the clot may dislodge and later block other important ducts. Body Massage in Al Rigga

Another case is when the person is receiving treatment for a bleeding disorder. One of these drugs includes warfarin.

A person with weakened bones

A person with weakened bones cannot be massaged either. Weakened bones can be the result of a disease such as osteoporosis or cancer. Most massage therapies apply pressure to the body. This can only lead to a fracture or worsen the condition of the patient.

Open sores are also a problem. Wounds should not be changed, especially when they are in the healing phase. Added substances, such as massage oils and powders, can make open wounds worse when massaged.

Apart from these conditions, there are other conditions that should be considered before starting massage therapy. Pregnancy is one of those conditions. A pregnant woman can have conditions that can be made worse by the pressure on her body. It is recommended to consult your doctor first.

There are possible side effects of massage therapy when a doctor does not consult the conditions first. Mild side effects include pain and discomfort during and after the massage, swelling of the affected areas. There are also cases where the massage strokes are really intense and can even lead to bruising. Some patients also complain of allergic reactions to massage oils. Massage Center in Dubai Marina

A massage can provide a rejuvenating and relaxing feeling. However, it is important to check the person's condition first before leaving a message to continue, as this can lead to unwanted side effects later. If you have any questions about massage, consult your doctor before receiving a massage.


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