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The Role and Responsibility of a Commercial Contractor

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Similarities between residential and commercial construction projects exist. At the same time, they’re quite different. As an example, there’s a lot more involved with commercial projects. For these, commercial contractors in the GTA ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

What Role Do Commercial Contractors in Toronto Play?

To achieve success, multiple professionals work on commercial construction projects. However, the general contractor is by far the most important individual or firm. They get involved from the very beginning in both remodels and new construction builds.

Whether a restaurant, retail store, or hospital, commercial contractors in the GTA oversee every stage of the project. That starts with the initial design phase and continues to project completion. For each of these, the goal is to ensure the work gets finished according to the client’s contract.

Someone in this position must have years of experience and vast knowledge of the construction industry. Not only that, but they must possess outstanding management skills. Here are the most critical areas of expertise for individuals or firms that provide commercial contracting services.

Project Management

For small and large projects alike, commercial contractors in the GTA plan each team’s tasks. That entails identifying the specific work involved, estimating costs, and determining deadlines.


Poor communication increases the risk of project failure. This is a perfect example of why you want to use trusted commercial contracting services. Otherwise, projects could go beyond deadlines and budgets. Even worse, workers could sustain injuries.

Human Resources

To achieve efficiency and ensure safety, general contractors hire the right talent. For example, they’ll select designers at the front end of the project. They also select different types of engineers for electrical, plumbing, structure, and more. For the final stage of the project, they get architects involved.


This, too, is an important aspect of commercial contracting services. For all commercial remodels and new builds, it’s essential to bring qualified subcontractors onboard. General contractors choose these individuals carefully. After all, they’re entrusted to complete work according to current laws and safety standards.


General contractors in Toronto even get involved with the financial aspect of projects. This goes beyond determining the cost to complete each phase. Included in financial management are things like audits, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and so on.

Supply Chain Management/Logistics

Included in commercial contracting services are both supply chain management and procurement. For quality products, general contractors choose a reputable source. They also procure the items and make sure they’re delivered to the construction site on time.


Even smaller projects require a great deal of equipment, materials, supplies, and more. General contractors look for vendors with experience, quality products, and competitive prices.

Quality Assurance

With superior commercial contracting services, there’s an individual in charge. This person checks all incoming materials. Their job is to spot anything that doesn’t meet strict quality standards. Subpar or damaged materials get returned and reordered.

Hiring the Best General Contractors in Toronto

The right commercial design-build company will focus on three primary things. These include completing a project on time, keeping it within budget, and ensuring it follows the scope. General contractors also handle disputes and troubleshoot problems as they arise.

For remodels and design-builds, contact Weekes Construction Group. With a team of experts and full-scale services, we’re confident that we can meet, if not surpass, your expectations.


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