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We all know that the activated carbon used in the treatment of drinking water or other food is often of high quality, but the requirements for activated carbon used in the treatment of medicinal purposes should be more stringent. Because of the strict index requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, the heavy metal content of medicinal activated carbon is very low, and the price of medical activated carbon is much higher.

Removal of heat sources is a major problem in the field of pharmaceutical biotechnology. It is very important to avoid heat sources from contaminating products and remove heat sources during production. activated carbon for air purification The activated carbon adsorption method can effectively remove the heat source, and the activated carbon is used to adsorb and remove the heat source in the tetanus antitoxin product. This method is simple and quick to operate, has obvious adsorption effect on the heat source in the product and has excellent repeatability. After adsorption, the appearance of the product is further improved .

Coconut shell activated carbon adsorption is the most commonly used method to remove the heat source. It is generally used together with the falling film filter to prevent the activated carbon from entering the next process. The macromolecular anion exchange resin is used to remove the heat source. The pollution degree is very light, which is more applicable.

The same use of activated carbon in the pharmaceutical process also has its decolorizing ability. The main function of pharmaceutical activated carbon is to remove black, red, brown, yellow, light yellow and heat sources. Black, brown, and red means that the removed impurity molecules are relatively large, and the activated carbon needs to have more macropores. If it is to remove yellow, light yellow, heat sources, etc., activated carbon with a larger surface area is required.https://www.wyactivatedcarbon.com

Medicinal activated carbon is a new type of activated carbon specially used in the pharmaceutical field. It is mainly used for the decolorization of the solution in the pharmaceutical process and the adsorption of impurities and small molecular heavy metals in the solution. It is the most commonly used means to remove heat sources. The biggest feature of this kind of activated carbon is the fast decolorization speed, strong adsorption capacity and inner pores.


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