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Businesses certainly need to find out new and innovative ways to successfully face growing competition and high expectations while remaining profitable. Interactive content is one of those effective ways to boost online engagement and the lead generation process. Interactivity is nothing but bringing the content to life and turning failed or underperforming lead-generation campaigns into highly successful lead-generation experiences.

What is Interactive Content?

To be precise, interactive content is interestingly structured content capable of entertaining and educating an audience. Interactive post, it allows and persuades prospective customers to actively participate or engage in an activity. Digital marketers have to offer something that their prospects do not find boring and this is where interactivity comes into play.

Content marketing is one of the most effective tools to engage the online audience. According to a study, 80% of B2B marketers are using content marketing as a tool to engage and nourish leads. However, a large percentage of businesses are not incorporating interactive content into their lead-generation campaigns.

Types of interactive content

Let's start with quizzes that are getting immense popularity and success. By posting a simple and interesting quiz, a business can leverage the power of interactive content to achieve its long-term marketing objectives. People love to participate in quizzes and marketers cannot afford to ignore things that their prospects are interested in. On top of that, allowing visitors to participate in a quiz or a poll would generate valuable information for marketers that later can be used to improve the lead generation campaigns.

Infographics are another incredible form of interactive content that has received great success over the past few years. A calculator, a small but fun game, a survey, a contest, a poll, etc. are some of the prominent types of interactive content. Following are some of the advantages a business can gain by creating interactive content.

A stream of insightful data

One of the prime features of online marketing is that it provides marketers with concrete data about the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns. The good thing about interactive online experiences is that they produce valuable data that marketers can use to create even more effective and personalized content that would lead to a healthy lead generation process. We all understand that personalized and interactive content is going to be of paramount importance in the coming years.

A value for the audience

People tend to like those online experiences that offer information and value in form of unique and entertaining content. A static blog post is probably less effective than a simple game or a calculator that visitors can interact with to get the solutions they are looking for. A marketer can use the old content and make it interactive to build a healthy lead generation campaign.

Digital touchpoints can drive revenue, lower costs, build brands, and engender customer loyalty. But to achieve these potential benefits, companies must deliver digital interactions that meet their customers' needs in easy and enjoyable ways.



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