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Isuzu Panther is known as a car with an engine that is easy to maintain. The new or old Panther is popular because of its tough engine. After it was not produced, did the Isuzu Panther engine go extinct?

It is undeniable that the existence of the Isuzu Panther continues to decline as people's tastes change to a more feature-rich SUV and MPV. That is why the Isuzu Panther also finds it difficult to keep up with its rival, the Toyota Kijang, which is increasingly luxurious in the Kijang Innova era.

The existence of the Isuzu Panther in the country can last up to 2 decades because it is armed with relatively simple technology for a medium MPV size. Even though its prestige continues to decline, Isuzu said last year that it would continue to produce the Panther until it entered the Euro 4 era.

Isuzu Indonesia until last year marketed the Isuzu Panther in five types, namely Grand Touring, Touring, LV, LS, and Smart. The price offered starts from Rp.279.1 million to Rp.332.3 million. This means that only Indonesia is the last country that still sells the Panther because it still uses machines with Euro 2 standards.

In the end, we do have to say goodbye to this ‘big cat'. Because there are rumors that the engineer team from Isuzu Japan has asked Isuzu Indonesia to stop production of the Panther. The reason is clear, the MPV is no longer in the focus of global Isuzu.

Quoted from Otodriver, Panther products are outside the pillar of Isuzu. Principals will focus on Truck, Pick Up and Pick Up derivative SUVs (MUX and DMax) and Engines for other OEMs.

Isuzu Panther engine passed to Isuzu Traga

The Isuzu Panther may have retired, but the existence of the black cat engine actually continues. Is the Isuzu Traga, a light commercial car that is the inheritor of the Panther race car.

Present as a new model, Isuzu Traga uses components from existing Isuzu models. Traga uses an Isuzu 4JA1-L engine with a capacity of 2,500 cc Diesel Direct Injection, which has been the mainstay of Isuzu Panther.

Although the Isuzu Traga engine has Euro 2 status, the status of exported cars already uses a Euro 4 standard engine. It is not impossible that the Traga engine, which is Euro 4, can be used on the Isuzu Panther.

However, many adjustments need to be made if the Euro 4 Traga engine is attached to the Panther. The 4JA1 engine can be upgraded, starting from a mechanical pump, and must be added to the common rail including the exhaust control device. The implementation of Euro 4 on the Isuzu Panther is claimed by Isuzu to make the price no longer competitive.

Isuzu Panther Engines, From Commercial to Passenger Cars

Isuzu Panther is one of the cars that still maintains a conventional diesel engine. The only development is the addition of a turbo without any changes to the overall engine system.

This 4JA1 coded engine is also known to be tough and can be filled with low-quality fuel, like subsidized diesel. The toughness of the Isuzu Panther engine is due to the principal which has more commercial vehicle lines. The machine production process must of course have a standard of durability for heavyweight use.

Certainly, Isuzu chooses components with the best quality materials. In addition, the safety factor applied to Isuzu engines is quite high.

Because it is based on a truck, so it is required to work in long-term use, heavy duty, high kilometers. Because the concept is for commercial use, Isuzu designed the engine to be strong.

Its diesel engine technology is also quite advanced so that Toyota Global buys Isuzu's stake by 5.9% to exchange knowledge about diesel engines.

Diesel engine + soft suspension, the key to the existence of the Isuzu Panther

The advantages that are sought from the figure of the Panther are: a lot of passenger capacity, a strong diesel engine, fuel efficient, soft suspension, flood resistant, cold air conditioning, and easy to maintain. These things are the reason Isuzu continues to maintain this legendary Isuzu Panther.

The character of the diesel engine with abundant torque makes the Isuzu Panther light when going uphill. Isuzu Panther maintenance is not as difficult as a gasoline-engine car and can be done by fairly ordinary people.

You can also do your own technical maintenance at home with the help of tutorials from YouTube or automotive forums. Routine maintenance that you can do yourself is checking the engine oil volume and diesel filter.

We recommend that you take your time to regularly check the level of car engine oil every 2 weeks or once a month. The reason is, the compression of the Isuzu Panther diesel engine is high and the oil gradually burns and the volume decreases.

Because the quality of subsidized diesel fuel is not good, it can make the diesel filter dirty quickly. If it is left unchanged for a long time, it will result in wasteful fuel use and underpowered performance.


Even though Isuzu Panther has retired, the availability of spare parts, especially engines, will be guaranteed. This is because the 4JA1-L diesel engine was used in the Isuzu Traga. Indeed, this Traga specification is better because the export version uses the Euro 4 standard.

This legendary machine is easy enough to maintain, so it makes the Panther excellent, especially in small cities. No less important, the engine is strong enough to drink subsidized diesel fuel, so it doesn't bother maintenance. The only problem that usually arises is that the diesel filter gets dirty faster.

So, are you still interested in a used  Isuzu Panther?


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