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In the time of remote work and virtual parties, people are finding more reasons to celebrate even the littlest of things. Unfortunately, for those that aren’t confident with their gift-giving skills, that means more time spent trying to look for the best gift out there.

While it can be daunting and intimidating to get started, know that even the most basic gift ideas can be special. As cliché as it sounds, remember that it’s the thought that counts! Whether it’s for a relative, co-worker, significant other, or boss, sometimes basic and functional can be the best option. But how do you give them that extra magic?

Here are a few things you can do to make any basic gift idea special.

Start With Fine Art Gifts
If you’re short on time and can only accommodate getting a gift off the racks- don’t worry! Gift a loved one with their favorite artist’s artwork on their notebook, socks, puzzle and more. These gift ideas don’t scream ‘store-bought’ or generic. They do, however, come from either specialty stores or gift shops. The intersection of these niche interests and common items make up the formula of a memorable gift! Imagine gifts inspired by Fine Arts, like socks, notebooks and mugs!

You can get your hands on extra-special merchandise that sports official artworks or designs- and even Fine Art socks from museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. You don’t even have to visit in-person, just shop online! They have a great selection of thoughtful art gifts that can help make any gift-giving occasion special.

Consider Making It Yourself
If all you have is time and effort and a tight budget, this option could be the one for you. Not only is it budget-friendly to DIY a gift, it’s also pretty telling of your affection. A handmade gift is irreplaceable and unique, and that should be the case for the one receiving it too!

One of the great things about this method is you have two options. One, you can create the gift and then offer it. It’s a truly personalized way to nod to a loved one’s interest in art and gives you the ability to flex your creativity, too.

Of course, if you have someone in your life that really loves art, you don’t want to take all of the fun out of it for them. Offering coloring books and Paint by Numbers kits is a great way to give a pre-configured gift that encourages creativity and interest in fine arts.

Moreover, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts’ online gift shop has a large collection of Paint by Numbers kits and coloring books all inspired by famous artists or pieces of artwork. If you know a Frida Kaho or Claude Monet fanatic, these sorts of gifts make very thoughtful tokens of appreciation.

For those that appreciate working with their hands, ther online gift shop also offers Polymer Clay Jewelry Kits and even Origami Kits that can satisfy both interests in one fell swoop.

Finally, you have the option to go about it yourself – especially if you have a bit of artistic acumen. MFA’s online gift shop carries high-quality colored pencil sets and sketching pencils. If someone special to you loves art and pre-fab gifts just seem too impersonal to you, then paint or sketch something yourself and give that instead!

Check Out the Boston Museum of Fine Arts Online Gift Store Yourself
From fine art socks to prints and colored pencils, the Museum of Fine Arts’ online gift shop has unique offerings for every taste. Visit the shop to see for yourself at MFAShop.com.

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