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Who would not love a trip to the salon to be treated, pampered, and spoiled with manicure and pedicure treatments? But what happens when you don't want to go to the salon? Can you get your nails done the same way they would do it over? Plus, it can be a huge dilemma trying to figure out which manicure and pedicure services to use in London. However, for people looking for the best manicure and pedicure services in London, check out Servbetter. This platform has a range of experienced and credible services that offer manicure and pedicure in London.

Interestingly, most people enjoy the tranquility of doing their nails in their homes. It saves time, money, and stress. However, you must understand certain tips before starting out doing your manicure and pedicure.

Before you start treating yourself to your very own nail salon treatment in your home, you have first to remove any previous polish you had. You can use a polish remover to clear off any polish to give yourself a clean place to work on. Transcend to soaking your hands and feet into warm water and let the pampering session fully kick in. The essence of warm water is to soften the cuticles. You can then use a brush to clean the nails. People often use a sugar scrub for exfoliation, but it is best to add some lavender oil so the whole place feels like a slice of heaven.

At this juncture, you should push back the cuticles without a cuticle pusher. It would help if you tried not to trim the cuticles as it helps to protect the nails. Then apply coconut oil to moisturize the hands and feet.

Another thing you need to know is you should properly trim the nails to your desired length. Now m here comes the tricky part. Filing your nails has to be done with a particular type of motion. It takes precision to get it done properly. It would help if you endeavored to file your nails from side to side, not back and forth. The latter can cause the nail to weaken or, worse still, a splinter, which will defeat the entire process of the manicure session. The same process goes for the pedicure session as well—file from one side to the center of the toenail to avoid any issues.

The Next one of your pampering sessions entails you applying cream to your hands and feet. This will help you perfect the paint job. You should remove the nail residue before you start painting; it would be so annoying seeing first in the freshly painted nails. If you're doing the manicure in London, you have to make sure you remove the oil residue on the nails. It would be difficult for the polish to sit properly on your nails if you skip this step. Add a layer of foundation to your manicure and paint your nails your favorite color.

When painting your nails, you should have toe separators made from foam, so the waiting process goes smoothly. Getting manicure and pedicure in London entails going to the right salon, but who says your home can not be your makeshift pampering spa?

 Finally, allow the nail polish to dry. This is one of the most basic rules people need to follow. But ironically, many people smear their nail polish before it gets a chance to dry. Manicure and pedicure are great for both males and females. We now live in a world where men are now getting in tune with beauty to see ways to take care of their bodies.


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