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The sodium salt of ATBS and ATBS monomer for high molecular weight polymers

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 The na atbs and ATBS sodium amps allow the polymer generators to produce high-quality and superior polymers that can be used in a broad range of consumer and industrial products. With the help of the best use of monomers in both liquid and granule forms, you will be able to create the best level of product purity for the best results. Several manufacturers produce the best ATBS monomers and salts for different types of polymers based on molecular weight. 

About ATBS Monomer AP3141G Granule 

The AP3141G is the name for the sulfonic acid acrylic monomer, this type of monomer is in the form of granular. This type of granular product can help to eliminate dust emissions, which can provide you with a cleaner and healthier work environment. It will ultimately lead you to better workplace safety, and it will also reduce the amount of maintenance needed for plants. The AP3141G is easy to transport, and it does not agglomerate. Because the AP3141G is after a match that occurs after the reaction step, the chemistry of the ATBS will be the same and will not change. 

 What Are the Uses of ATBS Monomer? 

Sodium salt 2-acrylamide-2-methylpropane sulfonic acidis another name for the ATBS Monomer AP3141G. The ATBS Monomer and the ATBS Sodium are used in water treatment, latex, adhesive, oilfield, and acrylic Fiber, along with other industries such as emulsion coatings, the medical industry, and personal care. ATBS sodium salt and ATBS monomer help with high molecular weight polymer, which is highly effective in the following:  Personal Care and Medical Use: The anti-coagulant and lubricity of the element can help in hydrogel application, especially in medical devices and coatings that come in contact with the blood, tissue, and other biofluids. AP3141G has the granule, and the liquid of the AP3141G is highly efficient and beneficial for medical hydrogels due to its high water-absorbing capacity and electrical conductivity. They can help you to enhance the electrical conductivity, absorption, adhesion, and oxidative stability of the medical equipment. People can also use it for the personal care products such as thickeners, humectants, and fixatives that will help you to enhance the oxidative stability of the consumer products. 

Oil Field Application: Because of the efficient and remarkable hydrolytic and thermal stability, the AP3141G granule and AP3142g liquid can be used in several oilfields applications where the hostile atmosphere requires significant high-performance products. Due to the uniqueness of the hydrophilic nature, there is a tendency to increase the viscosity along with the divalent cation stability, making them the best solution for oil field operations. In the drilling industry, AP3142G liquid and AP3141G granule will be efficient scale inhibitor, non-retarding fluid loss control, friction reducers, and helps to control the water. Most people also call the AP3142G, the other name known as the CAS 5165-97-9. 

To conclude, the ATBS is an efficient and unique vinyl monomer with the best sulfonic group; it is the form of polymer which can be used in several industries such as dispersants, textiles, flocculants, scale control agents along with additives. The great benefit of ATBS is that they are highly unique and versatile alkyl acrylamide monomers that can be used in several industries. Vinati Organics is the largest manufacturer and supplier of the NA ATBS. 



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