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Although bonus xp is a big component of OSRS Items the SOF, there's a difference between straight bonus XP and permanent outfits that boost your skill. Half of all skilling outfits can easily be obtained through minigames and activities. The SOF does not allow you to obtain a skilling costume.

Slayer Masks Slayer Masks.Wicked Pouch. The rune-holding items have been sought by players for a long time. However they are only purchased through Solomon's store. This item also has the unique ability of swapping between prayer and spell books from any location.

Silverhawk Boots. These boots allow you to purchase agility XP and earn the XP in a completely risk-free manner and are necessary if you wish to get the highest agility XP rate in the game.

Portable Forge/Range/Well/Sawmill. I don't have much information on these items yet, but they sound like something straight out of the future invention skill. Jagex has released RWT products with exclusive features that can't be found in real-world games. This is likely to be the direction future RWT items will take. What are your thoughts? Are you thinking this is a new version of RWT for you?

I don't think long-term players would like the hottest SOF/Treasure Hunting. It is possible to find variations of it in every game on the internet. Jagex has to make money, because their membership has decreased so much. This includes all of the bots they have put out of Buy RS Gold commission as well as those that have quit. Their persistence was more remarkable than any other game I've ever played. They should be acknowledged for their efforts.


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