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Leakages and repairs in the homes are a common problem these days. but not anymore. We present to you detailed information on Pypkote tape and waterproofing membranes that will help you protect your homes and make them stronger. 

What is a Pypkote tape? 

It can be defined as the lifeline of a pipeline as it is a pipeline corrosion-resistant tape that has a high softening Point, high penetration, and high resistance to ageing. 

Types of Pypkote tape 

Presenting you the types of pypkote tape offered by us 

  1. Pypkote 4mm
    It is a 4 mm thick tape that is specially engineered to be applied on a mild hot steal pipeline.
  2. Pypkote 2mm
    It is a two mm thick highly flexible tape with acts as a preformed barrier that can be applied in two layers two protect the pipe. 
  1. Pypkote self-adhesive
    Known for its highly convenient properties of simply peeling and sticking method, this self-adhesive pipe coating, and wrapping membrane is the easiest to apply. 
  1. Pypkote AW 4mm
    It is made of coal tar and it is a pipe coating tape for extra protection of the pipeline. 
  1. Pypkote AW 2mm
    This is pypkote tape 2 mm thick flexible cool tar-based tape.

Why go for waterproofing? 

  1. Improves durability
    Effective waterproofing helps to provide durability to the structure of your building and increases the lifetime of the building.
  1. Robust bonding
    Waterproofing helps to bond the solution tightly to provide an effective solution to water leakage problems. 
  1. Save a lot of costs.
    Effective waterproofing helps to save a lot of costs and save your hard money from being spent on unnecessary leakages and repairs time and again.

Types of waterproofing membrane offered by us 

  1. Hyperplas Polyester
    It has the basic characteristic of having robust strength and elongation and provides the most convenient way of waterproofing. 
  1. Hyperplas Fibreglass
    This is a fiberglass reinforced membrane that is a highly economic and Pocket-friendly waterproofing solution. 
  1. Hyperplas Standard
    This is a high-density Polly ethylene film that acts as a total water barrier. 
  1. Hyperself
    It is a self-adhesive, easy-to-use peel and sticks formula.  With its convenience comes its pocket-friendly prices which make it a good waterproofing solution. 
  1. Plastikfelt.
    It is an economic membrane that provides temporary waterproofing for a short period
  1. Hyperboard
    It is a protection board that protects from any kind of physical damage
  1. Hyperself EIM
    This is an advantage of the waterproofing membrane which is used on Metro Station platforms. It is a highly specialized electrical insulation membrane that is used for the protection of passengers traveling in metros. 
  1. Mastoplas
    It is an extra strong membrane used for protecting concrete decks, bridges, and flyovers and helps to prevent corrosion to Steel reinforcement.

The final words 

IWL is a leading brand that provides solutions for waterproofing membranes and anti-corrosive tapes.  From a tar sheet for waterproofing to waterproofing membranes for metro stations, we do it all for you in one place. All our products are 100% quality assured and we promise to never compromise on quality. 

Bottom Line

Visit our website from the mentioned link to know more about us and get insights into all the products that we offer.



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