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Ever lost complete control of the moment and did not know why? If you answered yes you are just admitting to being mortal. These events are describing the impact of secondary emotions. In this case, wrathfulness was endured because the nay emotion was denied ever. emociones negativas.

Spirituality and Emotion


Spirituality is a matter of integrity with ourselves and God.


We can consider that without spirituality there's nothing material to live, for it gives all of life its meaning. The spirituality of the emotions, also, is about facing the fact that at times we are honest about how we feel and other times we are dishonest- may be out of fear, embarrassment, or discomfort.


Emotions, and how they are dealt with, say a lot about how vibrant our spirituality is. Thus, there is a salient connection between emotional intelligence and spirituality. Both compass honesty with ourselves, others, and God.


Also Comes Life


Situations in life have their way of mussing our emotions. Indeed the most emotionally intelligent of people grapple. emociones básicas y secundarias.

Life presents stimulants that we see as pitfalls. These are realities that bear unwanted consequences. No matter how important we rationalize these effects in our advanced minds, our heart feels a certain way about them-it's ingrained. Nothing can be done to change how we feel.


But, we aren't defenseless; this is the point.


Responding to the Challenging Situation


So, we have a time in mind when a challenge to our emotions was endured; one we desperately wanted to respond well about. Mind quelled the heart, but the heart still felt anxious.


The primary emotion is to do what the psalmist said consider and be silent. Do not try and fix a commodity that, for your heart, can not be fixed. It's what it is. The primary emotion, thus, has us feeling the full force of the emotion and drinking it. In courage is verify there's nothing to be stressed about because this is you facing yourself. It's God placing a glass before your face. This is Divine disclosure-a miraculous gift.


The secondary emotion comes through when we do not heed the particulars at their utmost introductory verity-when we deny the glass. Life is made tricky because our dereliction is to bypass the clean and effective primary emotion for the secondary, fake emotion-the devil's tool since the fall of humanity. Lista de todas las emociones.


Wrathfulness is the classic secondary response; hardly ever is wrathfulness a primary ( good/ true) emotion.


The spirituality of this issue again rebounds in truth.


God always gives us a way of duly meeting every life situation. Nothing is beyond us if we deal in primary emotions. This is part of the substance of our spirituality, a key to our connections with others, and central to how we relate with the Spirit of God.


We can face anything.


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