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It has been tried to give general information about the features and structure of the article type and buy essay writing online.

How should the structure of the Introduction, Development, and Conclusion sections be?

The relationship between the article and other species?

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of Article Type (Historical Development and Representatives)

  • An article is a type of writing based on thought.

  • There is no subject limitation in the article. A thought, a social event, a scientific fact, rhetoric, plastic arts become the subject of the article.

  • Articles are defenses of a thesis. For this reason, its structure is knitted with an opinion that has been put forward and the thoughts that will support this view.

[ As seen in the last article, the article is a thesis defense. there are two important points:

1. the opinion put forward – 2. the supporting materials ]

The article became known in our country with the publication of the newspaper. Articles are from columns. An article on the front pages of newspapers is called an editorial. The newspaper's editorial is usually written by the same author. It determines the newspaper's worldview and perspective on events. It also affects the number of readers of the newspaper. Some people change their newspaper when the editor-in-chief changes newspapers, or when the article writer they like no longer writes as effectively and consistently as they used to. That's why writing an article is so important. The author of the article must not break his ties with the reader.

What are the defining features of the article?

  • It is written with an intellectual plan.

  • The author should trust the accuracy of what he tells, and be able to put what he tells in a logical framework. Everything he tells should not contradict what he has told before.

  • The subject should be separate from what has been said and written before it.

  • The reader to understand the importance of this issue for sampling, comparing, and show the witness should make use of objective data.

Important representatives of the article genre in Turkish Literature are: Namık Kemal, Ziya Pasha, Şemseddin Sami, Muallim Naci, Beşir Fuat, Hüseyin Cahit, Fuat Köprülü.

Introduction: The argument, opinion, or thought to be put forward is displayed at the entrance of the article. This is the shortest part of the article. According to the article in general, one or two paragraphs should not exceed. A good introduction can build up the article. In the introduction, the direction of the idea developed in the article is determined. The reader is gradually introduced into the atmosphere of knowledge and ideas.

Usually, the reader reads this section at first glance; If it turns yellow, if it interests him, he decides to read the article to the end. In this respect, the introduction in the articles should be formatted very skillfully and carefully. In this section, the subject is presented without going into any detail. This should be done without excessive indirection. What to focus on and what to talk about should be revealed in a couple of paragraphs and Resume Writing World.

Development part: In the development part, the subject mentioned in the introduction part is explained, the purpose of writing the article and the information and documents for this purpose are presented, the thesis is defended, the antitheses are refuted. The section in which the information and documents related to the subject are handled and processed, the subject is expanded, and evidence is shown for the correctness of the idea to be put forward constitutes the development part (Korkmaz 1995:220). The development section is an extension of the collected and put forward ideas from various aspects. occurs with support. As in all opinion articles, the ideas to be explained in the development section of the article should be neat. For the expressed ideas to have a convincing and assertive character, it is necessary to explain, support, and prove them inappropriate ways.

The development section is the area where the author of the article puts all his power to be convincing. In this section, evidence is shown, comparisons are made, numbers and examples are given to prove the correctness of the views put forward. The part of explaining and proving the argument, opinion, or thought that is put forward constitutes the body of the article. In this section, the author will open, develop and size his thoughts. For this, he will often resort to ways such as definition, comparison, exemplification, witnessing, and benefiting from objective data. Thus, he will make the reader believe in the correctness and validity of what he says.

Conclusion Section: Conclusion section; In a way, it can be considered as a summary section. The view put forward at the beginning and then explained is repeated -usually- in a paragraph in the concluding section. But the main function here is to reach the climax of the effect of the writing. In this section, the author emphasizes the result with a sentence or two in a way that will bring all of what he said to a certain conclusion.

Generally, article writers compile what they have said on the topic they have chosen by turning them into a judgment in this section. However, this section may not always be necessary, if the author has clarified what he said in the development part of the article, if he has not diverted the subject, he may not conclude his article with a further aim of summarizing.

It is not enough just to implement this plan for the article to be effective. It is necessary to give a title suitable for the idea covered in the article. Articles should usually have short and striking titles. The main thing that attracts the reader's attention in the article is the beginning and the conclusion parts of the article and essay writing. For this reason, placing a meaningful anecdote, a striking dialogue or a memory in these parts makes the article effective.

Writing an article requires a long research and information gathering phase. Therefore, it requires patience at a time. Before starting to write, it is necessary to do wide research on the subject on which the article will be written, to scan all sources, and to create information slips.


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