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The struggle of ordinary citizens

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After finishing the first rappelling training of the empty boat, Wang Lun sat on his helmet and listened absently to the report of the soldiers and officers. Now it's just training. We've already lost 12 soldiers. Wang Lun did not know how many men he would lose in his reconnaissance. …… The Reconnaissance Battalion is the elite force of the Northwest Militia, and you receive the most rigorous military training in the world for the honor of the Reconnaissance Battalion. Your training has enabled you to become the most elite armed forces in the world and to accomplish the most difficult combat tasks.. Before you embark on the battle that will go down in history, remember the precepts of the Northwest Militia: Never fail, finish the job. Never abandon your brother, even if you face the choice of life and death. Thank you, Northwest. Thank you. Good luck to you, scouts! Looking at the 184 officers and soldiers of the reconnaissance battalion who were about to board the boat, Sima, who saluted, said in front of the loudspeaker that looking at the heavily armed reconnaissance team members under the stage, the reconnaissance battalion had lost more than ten scouts in the previous rappelling training. These losses added uncertainties to the operation. Nevertheless, Sima knew that the mission must not be stopped. Board the boat! When the mobilization was over,Industrial pallet rack, Wang Lun, who was fully armed, shouted loudly. After watching the scouts carrying weapons boxes loaded with mortars, heavy machine guns and ammunition to board the boat, Wang Lun knew that there was no turning back arrow. Now it was time for the reconnaissance battalion to prove itself. I wish you success! Next time I will review you in Baotou City! Looking at several scouts who were fully armed and wearing body armor in front of them,Warehouse storage racks, Sima made a military salute and said that in order to complete the combat mission, Sima even asked the Second Machinery Factory to make simple body armor for them with alloy steel for making helmets. The front and back of the bulletproof vest made of canvas are equipped with two steel plates, a 2430 two-layer bulletproof steel plate with a thickness of 4 mm and 2 mm on the chest is made of a 4 cm thick interval armor box, and a single layer bulletproof steel plate with the same size and a thickness of 3 mm on the back. The weight of the whole bulletproof vest is as high as 8 kg. Despite its heavy weight, the results of live firing tests at the shooting range show that the front of the body armor can defend against Mauser 79 lead core bullets from 10 meters away. Although the body armor is very primitive, it is at least very effective. Although this kind of body armor is impossible to equip troops on a large scale because of its weight and other reasons, Sima decided to equip every scout of the reconnaissance battalion with this kind of primitive body armor in order to reduce the casualties of the reconnaissance team members in this operation. Your mission is clear! It was necessary to capture the headquarters of the Fourth Brigade in Baotou, to capture or kill Li Jichun, to disarm the garrison battalion in the city, and to control the inner city of Baotou and the telegraph office. Remember, Narrow aisle rack ,pipe cantilever rack, the future of the entire Northwest is at stake in this operation! The future of the Northwest is in your hands! When the troops boarded the boat, Sima looked at Wang Lun, the commander of the reconnaissance battalion who went out from the security team. Speak up. Please rest assured. All the officers and soldiers of the reconnaissance battalion will do whatever it takes to complete the mission! After hearing the commander's instructions again, Wang Lun trembled in his heart. Wang Lun knew that the first mission of the reconnaissance battalion was so important and so difficult. But Wang Lun, who has always been conceited and adventurous, did not show a trace of fear and immediately answered! “Good!”! Let's go! Looking at Wang Lun with an awe-inspiring face. Sima opened his mouth and ordered that at this time, nearly 200 officers and men from two companies of the reconnaissance battalion had already entered the boat from the eight hatches of the Northwest Airship. I wish you success! Fang Yixin, who was carrying a camera, watched the Northwest airship slowly lift off, and then whispered a blessing. At this time, Fang Yixin felt a little sorry that he could not take the airship to go deep into the enemy's rear. At this time, when Fang Yixin saw Sima saluting the airship that had already lifted off, he adjusted the direction of the camera and focused the lens on Sima who saluted the airship. When the spacecraft rose to an altitude of 3800 meters. It began to accelerate slowly and flew to Baotou, more than 600 kilometers away to the northwest. After stabilizing the spacecraft and handing over the control of the spacecraft to several other pilots, Wang Feihu left the cockpit and went through the passage to the transport cabin in the boat. As soon as he entered the transport warehouse, Wang Feihu saw the elite officers and men of the reconnaissance battalion leaning on each other in the cushioned cabin, and saw them rubbing the frost on the porthole by the porthole and looking down at Wang Lun, so he went over. Wang Yingchang, let your people rest first! It is about 600 kilometers to Baotou. It takes about eight or nine hours to fly. There is boiled water and dry food on the boat. When it comes to eating, let the brothers make do with it first! “They're all resting there. Captain Wang has a heart!” After hearing Wang Feihu's words, Wang Lun saw the officers and soldiers resting with their eyes closed in mutual fear. So he opened his mouth and thanked him. How interesting! Flying Tiger. I want to ask, such a long distance. How do you guarantee that you won't miss? I just looked out of the window, and it was so white that I could hardly see anything. As a commander of the ground forces, Wang Lun, who stayed on the boat, felt a little strange about how the airship could fly more than a thousand kilometers away without losing its direction. How interesting! A navigator on the boat marked the course with a map compass, and because this was the first long journey of the Northwest, the Investigation Department sent some investigators to send out light signals in some areas on the way, and there were also investigators in Baotou City to give signals. After hearing Wang Lun's question, Wang Feihu opened his mouth and explained that although he said so, Wang Feihu knew that there was still a certain risk in this long journey. Of course,warehouse rack manufacturer, it was not the problem of losing course, but because the weather outside January changed very fast. Although there was no strong wind now, who knew if he would be so lucky next. omracking.com


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