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The Super Red Name of Online Games

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He hurriedly picked up the Golden Hoop Ruyi Stick, a long grey stick, which looked like a fire stick, without the elegance of an artifact. Hong Ming looked up at Sun Wukong subconsciously. Sun Wukong scratched his head awkwardly and said with a chuckle, “Little brother, I've been pressed here for five hundred years. How many treasures do I have?”! This Golden Hoop Ruyi Stick was refined from my Ruyi Golden Hoop Stick when my grandson was suffering in the alchemy furnace of Taishang Laojun. Little brother, you take it and use it first. After my grandson gets a good treasure, I will thank you again. What do you think? Hehehe, it's better to let a powerful NPC owe him a favor than to get a piece of equipment, especially when his evil value is so high. So Hong Ming said briskly, “No problem!”! Great Sage, you are my idol, and helping you out of trouble is just a simple task. The Great Sage doesn't have to worry about it. If I need any help in the future, please don't hesitate to ask. Sun Wukong immediately beamed with joy and patted Hongming heavily on the shoulder. The pain made Hongming grin. “Little brother is really a straightforward man!”! “Well, I have a little thing for you, and it's easy for them to run errands for you.” With these words, Sun Wukong reached out and grabbed a handful of dirty monkey hair from his body and stuffed it into his mouth without looking at it. Eyes blink quickly, a sharp mouth quickly chewed a few times, and then a mouthful of thick phlegm and monkey hair spit on the gold hoop Ruyi stick in the red name's hand. With a flash of golden light,chrome washing machine, thick phlegm and monkey hair sank into the golden hoop Ruyi stick. This red name to nausea, almost in front of this idol directly into the object of vomiting, this monkey is too not pay attention to personal hygiene!!! Sun Wukong did not know that the red name was disgusting him. He waved to the red name eagerly, “Little brother, I still have some things to do. Say goodbye to him. I'm going to go!” With that, Sun Wukong somersaulted backwards and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Douyun! Hong Ming thought with chagrin, “Why didn't you remember to ask the monkey to teach me Douyun just now?” After three seconds of regret,manganese beneficiation plant, the red name immediately looked at the attributes of the golden hoop Ruyi stick, since it is the baby born of the golden hoop Ruyi stick, maybe it will really be an artifact! Result Unrecognized. Identification required. Hey hey, things that need to be identified will be good things! However, the appraiser in this village, like the old village head, passed away in the disaster. It seems that this golden hoop Ruyi stick can only be appraised later when it enters the city. Put away the golden hoop Ruyi stick, and the red name looked at the attributes of the “unfamiliar eye of fire”: Unfamiliar eyes of fire: Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, in the alchemy furnace of Taishang Laojun, refined a pair of eyes of fire that could see through everything. But five hundred years after he was crushed at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain, his strength was not as good as before, and even his eyes were rusty because he had not used them for a long time. Primary (0/10000), Portable gold trommel ,coltan ore processing, although it can see through everything, but because it is unfamiliar, it is sometimes ineffective. When an object is visually broken, even if it cannot be visually broken, the object is not damaged. When seeing the monster and other players, no matter whether it is successful or not, it will not be detected by the other side. See through everything? What does that mean? Can you break the Ruyi stick with the golden hoop? Hong Ming took out the golden hoop Ruyi stick like a fire stick again and threw a “strange eye of fire, Jin Qing” in the past. Ding-dong! See the success of breaking! Damn! Red name ecstasy, too look forward to inverse! Fiery eyes can also be used as identification! And it was a success! It doesn't seem rusty at all. The golden hoop Ruyi stick, which was held in the red name's hand, suddenly burst into a golden light and turned into a stick as high as the red name's eyebrows, with a section of yellow at each end and a red in the middle! “Ding Dong!”! Congratulations to the player Hongming for getting the growth artifact, the Golden Hoop Ruyi Stick. Growth artifact! The growth artifact is also an artifact! Hongming's mouth grinned to his ears. He hastened to look at the attributes of the Golden Hoop Ruyi Stick: Growth Artifact (all attributes with numbers change with the player's level and weapon level). Level 0, Persistent ∞, Attack power, 900-1100, Attack speed, fast, Attaches 500 fire damage, 30% critical hit, 10% knockback, Fire monkeys can be summoned (fire monkey level = player level, number of fire monkeys = cube 10 of Golden Hoop Ruyi Stick level, cooldown of half an hour). How interesting! It's really developed! Now we're not afraid of no help! These fire monkeys are probably the monkey hair mixed with thick phlegm that Sun Wukong finally spit on the golden hoop Ruyi stick. It's a little dirty, but it's super practical! Red name hurriedly starts the skill to summon the fire monkey, the system display is unexpectedly summons the failure! The red name was summoned several times in succession, but the same call failed. He looked carefully at the attributes of the Golden Hoop Ruyi Stick, and then he suddenly realized. The number of fire monkeys = the cube of the gold hoop Ruyi stick level 10. Now the level of the gold hoop Ruyi stick is 0, and the cube of 0 multiplied by 10 is still 0! But how can I upgrade the Golden Hoop Ruyi Stick? Hongming rushed to the side of a group of NPCs who were watching the scenery of Blood Lake on the gap that was being blown up at the speed of a hundred meters. “Uncle Blacksmith, how can this weapon be upgraded?” Hehe, Hongming is now a player whose evil value is as high as 336870. It is reasonable to say that all NPCs will not deal with him any more, so the blacksmith and a group of NPCs hide here far away, just to avoid Hongming (Sun Wukong is an exception, if NPC also has red and white names, Sun Wukong must be more famous than Hongming). But somehow the red name is now the village head of this novice village, the official level crushed to death, and the blacksmith and others have no way to jump ship, but had to yield to the power of the red name. “Thank the village chief for letting our village see the light of day again!” A group of NPC villagers waved their hands together, and there was a tinkling sound. A few days ago, all the skills they taught to the Red Name were upgraded. Suddenly, the system broadcast sounded again, “Congratulations to the player Red Name Mining for promotion to the master level!”! As the first player to reach the master level in mining skills,coltan ore processing, the system rewards the player with a reputation of 500. At the same time, as the first player whose life skills have reached the master level, the system rewards the player with a reputation of 1000! 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com


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