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The Tale of Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Bourbon

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Rye whisky from Jefferson's ocean Rye is matured twice, once in triple-charred barrels and once in toasted casks. At sea, Jefferson's Ocean Rye was aged excessively. As OV26 departed the Port of Savannah on its way to Manzanillo and the Panama canal, it was the season for Hurricanes. Although there were more named storms than usual in the Atlantic Basin, less than anticipated of them became hurricanes.


The weather was clear to and through the canal, and there were just small waves. Due to a little weakening of La Nina in the tropical Pacific and warmer than average surface temperatures in some areas of the tropical Atlantic, OV26 got off to a calm start. Above the equator, it was summer, but that would alter below the equator.


Surface temperatures in the South Pacific Basin sharply decreased as it approached New Zealand. The cooling of the surface water was supported by subsurface temperatures that had been below average. The upper-level westerlies overwhelmed the relatively mild easterly winds, causing wind shear that drastically changed the frigid seas as Ocean Rye Voyage 26 struggled through to Auckland and then to Brisbane.


Prior to rounding Australia's southern to Melbourne, where Voyage 26 once more encountered heavy seas, the coastline along the lee side of the country was quiet. This continued until Voyage 26 crossed back over the equator north of New Guinea. The weather had gotten warm again. Once more, the high 80s were the temperature,  and the waters flattened out to Singapore,  Korea, and Japan. Several tropical cyclones were blowing concurrently off of central America, where all storm activity was centred. 


All storms had passed by the time Voyage 26 arrived, making the trip back through the canal and to Savannah without a hitch. The sea was also remarkably calm. The wood's sugars are caramelised by the motion and the sharp temperature swings, and the barrels are pervaded by the salty air. Rye whisky that is finally fuller, darker, and more caramelised. After that, it is non-chill filtered, which allows for an even richer flavour profile and provides you a rye unlike other.




A little bit heated( burning), yet totally controllable.




The most distinctive bourbon finishing that I have ever had is this medium-long and flavoured with caramel, wood, salt, and vanilla along with a convoluted sweetness and acidity. The smells are deep, smoky, and crisp; they combine to make a beautiful nose-filling sensation that makes me think of fine wheaters.


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