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The thing that it did encourage was social interaction

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Final offers a greater level of WOW TBC Classic Gold social interaction than other MMO I've played. Final is an excellent game due to its ability for players to interact with one and with one another.

I'm sure this is backed by the great emotes and other things such as bard performance. The experience of doing nothing is enhanced through the availability of 2-seater homes, mounts, and apartments, as well as the in-game marriage events. It's great being with your friends.

Compare it with other MMOs similar to GW2. Although the game is extremely cooperative (again brought up by its underlying game design) the social interaction is… well not so much, or at not in relation to other games.

But it makes sense! The very fast and extremely sluggish combat doesn't allow for social interaction during combat, therefore there is no way to induce socialization at a basic level, which leads to slightly less social interaction that extends to all non-combat areas of play. In return, everything is built for open world collaborative play, which is a lot more robust than in other MMOs.

I'm not entirely sure if it is the gcd, or at least not when it is at 60-70. However, i do agree that socializing increases when the game is slowing down however most people state that there's no duty discoverer. But, i disapprove of this since i do not consider the lfg to WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold be a spammer with its social. The thing that it did encourage was social interaction.


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