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The augmented reality industry has been on fire recently, and it’s clear that the growth isn’t stopping anytime soon. In fact, according to VentureBeat, the AR industry will be worth $1 billion by 2020 alone, with some industry experts predicting that we’ll see a boom in AR over the next couple of years. But what are the top virtual and augmented reality companies today? Who are the top AR and VR development companies? This article will answer those questions and more! I hope you enjoy it. Here we go!

1) ValueCoders

A ValueCoders virtual reality development company is one of many virtual reality development companies in existence today. With all that is known about VR technology, many organizations are now looking into expanding their workforce with employees who are knowledgeable in these technologies. This leads to a steady stream of employment opportunities for those trained at a ValueCoders virtual reality development company.

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Over just a few years, both AR and VR have exploded in popularity. Today, it’s clear that both will be changing how we interact with technology for years to come. In fact, many experts believe that AR will eventually replace our smartphones altogether (though when exactly that happens is up for debate). Here’s a look at what lies ahead in terms of virtual reality development company offerings from NEXT/NOW: The Top 10 Virtual and Augmented Reality Companies of 2021.


With a mission to create new possibilities for learning, health, and communication through immersive, interactive technologies, VISARTECH is one of today’s most innovative VR companies. Based in Australia, VISARTECH specializes in developing cutting-edge AR solutions for businesses across sectors. VISARTECH has designed an impressive array of interactive software from healthcare applications to technical training modules, seamlessly blending education with entertainment.

Know more about other companies in this blog: https://www.valuecoders.com/blog/technology-and-apps/top-virtual-and-augmented-reality-companies/


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