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The Top 3 Alarming Signs to Call for an ISA Arborist

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It is the time of the year when you should listen to the manicure needs of your yard, a yard which has outgrown trees and diseased plants. Maintaining a yard ensures the health of your trees. The diseased trees can be saved through tree trimming and removal. Continue reading to know the alarming signs about tree health.

These are the top 3 signs to call an ISA arborist immediately to ensure the health and safety of your surroundings and your trees.

1. Color and Quantity of Leaves: It is a sign of disease when there is an unusual off-the-season change in the color and quantity of the leaves. Keep a check on the changes in color and number of leaves to ensure the health of the trees. Wilting leaves and color changes in the leaves is the sign to call tree service for help.

2. Outgrowth on Trees: If you find spots or cankers on the tree trunk, it can be due to some unknown disease that can harm other trees. ISA arborists can inspect the tree to find the causes and cure them. They can also suggest calling tree removal service if the disease is incurable. Therefore, a regular yard inspection is necessary.

3. Damage to Tree Trunks: If the branches or the tree trunk have visible cracks or splits, it can be due to disease or pests. Never ignore such damages as they might cause huge damage to tree health. Consult an expert in such a situation.

If you own a yard and found the above situations relatable, you might be thinking about hiring an ISA arborist. Hiring an expert can be beneficial as the correct diagnosis with accurate knowledge and skill and help in tree health.

AKA Tree Service provides just what you need from a tree service. They have a team of experienced arborists. These skilled professionals can make your yard well-manicured and healthy. Along with ensuring safety, they also provide you with a FREE estimate for any tree services like emergency tree removal services. If you are looking for a tree service that can maintain the health of the trees and at the same time can help you nurture your yard, contact them now.

About AKA Tree Service:

AKA Tree Service provides all the services needed for a well-manicured yard starting from tree stump removal to tree treatment.

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