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The Top 3 Best Whisky to Collect 2022 For Your Bar

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Navigating the noise from within the community and the “buzz” generated by every new release is one of the main hurdles individuals face starting (or continuing) their adventure in whiskey collecting. However, fame is highly ephemeral in whiskey, and the next big thing is always just around the corner.
However, many bottles still transcend the cyclical nature of popularity by being great, best-in-class, value whiskeys. These bottles, which stand for whisk(e)ys that strike the perfect balance between exclusivity, quality, and timelessness, are vital to the collections of collectors who are also aficionados of the greatest, rarest, and best spirits. Below are 3 must-have best whisky to collect 2022.


Macallan: A Night on Earth Single Malt
Macallan's A Night on Earth Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a joyful limited edition Scotch that captures the excitement and friendliness of change-of-year celebrations and bottles this sensation with uncanny similarity. It is a tribute to Scotland's Hogmanay, New Year's Eve, and the last day of the year.
Expect a strong fragrant experience characterized by vanilla, baked cookies, and stone fruits, as well as shortbread, dried citrus, and cinnamon on the palate, thanks to a partnership with Japanese-French illustrator Erica Dorn.


President's Reserve by Hancock
Hancock's President's Reserve is a single-barrel bourbon that is exceedingly rare and one of the most peculiar to come out of Buffalo Trace Distillery. This bottle, made up of Mashbill 2 from Buffalo Trace, is one that you don't come across very frequently, which is the ideal reason It ought to be among the bottles you choose to drink in the new year.
Like Elmer T. Lee, Rock Hill Farms, and Blanton's, Hancock's bourbon has a sophisticated fragrance that is indicative of the high company it keeps. However, Hancock lets its flavor do the talking.
Expect a thoughtful mix of sweet vanilla, cinnamon, and mild stone fruits on the scent, followed by a smooth mouthfeel that glistens with hints of oak, refined ethanol, caramel, and cherry flavors. The long, opulent finish is rounded out by light spice and swathes of black pepper.


Truman Reserve Dumenil Reserve 2013
You can tell that this delicious dram has matured in sherry casks since it is as juicy and spicy as a Christmas cake. It has flavors of exotic fruits like mango and apricot and is wonderfully smooth. Be prepared for some unexpected smoke, saltiness, and a velvety mouthfeel.
Whisky Truman Reserve The finest choice for getting the most out of your next bottle of Scotch whiskey is Dumenil Reserve 22. a drink with a deep, complex flavor that is simple to consume and won't break the bank. We delight the taste buds of whisky aficionados by providing the finest handcrafted bourbon.



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