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You could probably get by with one good knife for cutting tasks in the kitchen. But having a range of slicing tools is much easier and faster. Food and meal prep can be a breeze with everything from a mandoline to a mincer. Who doesn’t love perfectly thin-sliced potatoes for au gratin dishes or shaved parmesan for pizzas? Stock your kitchen with the following tools and find out just how efficient you can become with otherwise time-consuming prep work.

A Deluxe Shredding System

If you had a shredding accessory that could quickly grate foods like hard and soft cheeses, raw vegetables, and potatoes, you’d be set on many prep fronts. A convenient shredding product such as a Master Shredder from Tupperware has a hand crank and spinning grates, which makes prepping cheese, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes for hash browns, and even hard-boiled egg yolks, a lot easier. Box graters are handy, too, but they can only do so much.

A Multipurpose Mincer for Meat and Everything Else

Something like a garlic press is a convenient tool to have, so you don’t always have to use a knife to finely chop garlic. But its main purpose is to mince garlic. If you want to take your tools a step further, look for something that serves many different purposes. An example is a hand-held mincer that effortlessly grinds meats, fish, herbs, legumes, and veggies. You may not realize yet how awesome it is to make your own custom-blend burgers, meatloaves, and even chicken nuggets until you have a handy grinder.

A Mandoline for Efficient Slicing

With the right mandoline, you can protect your hands and prep your foods like a pro. Look for a mandoline with different blades that allow you to cut different shapes and thicknesses. Busy home cooks need a high-grade slicer to make uniform slices, sticks, cubes, juliennes, and even crinkle slices and sticks. You could make the best-looking casseroles in your favorite casserole pan and prettiest salads around. Look for a mandoline that won’t slide around on the countertop and comes with a food guide that protects your hands.

Paring Knives for Small Jobs

The small blade and palm-sized handle make a paring knife a great tool for peeling, paring, and slicing fruits and vegetables. Paring knives are also versatile, must-haves for the kitchen. Many people like to have more than one paring knife because they are used daily for various tasks. A comfortable and easy to hold handle gives you control on precision cuts. A sheath should come with your stainless steel blade, too.

A High-Quality Chef’s Knife

There’s no doubt that a chef’s knife is a must-have in the kitchen. It’s the workhorse knife of the kitchen. You can slice, chop, mince, and dice your heart out. A well-designed chef’s knife will feature high-quality stainless steel, a non-slip ergonomic handle, and a protective sheath for storage. It’s perfect for cutting raw or cooked meats, slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables, and other everyday cooking preparation. You can also use the flat part of the blade to crush garlic cloves for easy peeling.

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