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Why are so many people excited about Class B RVs? You may have noticed a lot more Class B RVs on the road recently, and there are many reasons for their popularity. Class B RVs are camper vans. That means they’re more compact than many conventional motorhomes and RVs while still offering many of the features and amenities people love, like queen-sized beds, well-designed kitchenettes, and plenty of storage. If an RV has caught your attention, what should you look for when browsing Class B RVs for sale? Here are some of the top features and amenities to keep in mind.

A Spry RV

This is a fantastic attribute of the Class B RV. These camper vans can have some real get-up-and-go compared to larger vans and motorhomes. Their compact, lighter design can translate to improved acceleration, fuel economy, and overall handling. These camper vans can also be easier to drive than larger motorhomes because they are smaller. You might even call this a safety feature! Compared to your average car, truck, or SUV, Class B RVs may still feel like driving a large van, but when you’re out on the road with it, its spry design can make a difference. You won’t have much trouble on city roads, highways, or in the backcountry.

A Surprising Amount of Sleep Space

When you start shopping for a Class B motorhome at your local RV dealers, you may wonder about sleep space. Is there enough and is it comfortable? Sleep space can vary between make and model, but generally speaking, it’s easy to find a Class B RV that has all the sleep space you need. Many Class Bs come with plenty of dedicated sleep space or even additional configurable sleep areas. Some Class Bs can even come with queen-size beds. Of course, the trade-off can be less space for other amenities, like a larger kitchenette or a bathroom with a shower. But it’s all about prioritizing what matters most to you. If you want more seating with a larger cooking area or even seating that transforms into ample sleeping space, you can find it.

A Balance of Practical Space with Storage Space

Many people are looking for an RV with space to store their toys, like skis and poles or inflatable paddleboards. Some Class B RVs offer interior space dedicated to these kinds of toys—while still leaving space for your favorite living amenities. Of course, many Class Bs can be configured with exterior storage and racks for everything from bikes to kayaks. This is one reason why more people are choosing Class B RVs over other kinds. They don’t have to leave their toys behind. These camper vans can be tailored to your needs, inside and out, which means you have to make fewer compromises. And another thing: because they are more compact, the designers had to get innovative with storage space. Many Class Bs are loaded with tons of practical and hidden storage spots to make sure you have room for food, clothing, and your adventure gear!

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