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Google Fiber and CenturyLink have recently joined the market for internet services with only two plans that begin at $70 per month. CenturyLink's fiber-optic services are among the best internet providers with high speed available, and it doesn't charge additional for the installation or equipment. It also provides the Gig plan that allows unlimited uploads and downloads, while its gig plan comes with the equipment at no cost.


The company offers a vast variety of high-speed internet plans that include fiber and DSL at affordable costs. Some plans fit any budget and features that meet everyone's demands for connectivity. You can be confident that your devices are safe while your Internet connection is speedy and reliable. What is it that makes CenturyLink an ideal choice? Learn more. This article will highlight the best advantages that come with CenturyLink high-speed internet.

Although CenturyLink has a broad range of services, its primary feature is the price. The cheapest monthly cost costs $49 to get a 100Mbps DSL connection. Customers can also rent an internet router or modem for $13 per month. But, DSL rates aren't as quick as those of fiber. Therefore, it is best to connect via fiber if you can get it.


If you're searching for a quick, convenient, and affordable internet service, you should consider Comlink. Comlink's home internet plans offer speeds that can reach 80 Mbps. Additionally, the firm bills its customers per user with no monthly limits or overage fees. Whether you're a solo user or with five family members, the plans offered by Comlink can be designed to suit your requirements.

One of the most impressive aspects of Comlink's home Internet service is the wireless gateway, which makes installation easy. The wireless gateway is equipped with two LAN ports, one USB-C port, and a telephone jack to the power supply and UPS device. It comes with various buttons that are easy to use and can be set up in just 10 minutes for an untrained user. It is also necessary to install a Wi-Fi application on your mobile device to connect to Comlink's wireless services.

Another advantage of Comlink's high-speed internet home service is the nationwide cell tower network which provides unlimited internet service to homes. That makes Comlink the perfect option for areas in remote areas that don't have access to wired internet. It's also less expensive than dial-up, and there's no need to sign contracts. Comlink's contract-free options are accessible, which is ideal for those on a budget.

Kinetic Windstream

Kinetic from Windstream is a leading web service company in the U.S., with packages with speeds as high as 1 Gigabit. The company currently covers 18 states, including Texas, Georgia, Iowa, and Oklahoma. Kinetic is currently growing its network of fiber. Kinetic offers a wide range of lifestyle and budget-friendly packages, separate internet plans, and fully-connected bundles.

The Kinetic plan with the lowest price is $27 per month; however, you might be charged more if you live within a rural area. In particular, for instance, you might only be able to get speeds of 15Mbps only if you reside within Bolivar, Missouri. However, within Albemarle, North Carolina, you could be eligible for speeds up to 50Mbps starting at $27 per month.

Windstream offers a variety of lower-speed plans available to residents of the U.S. The plans vary in speed and cost based on your location. 

You can choose from a 15Mbps plan up to a 100Mbps package. You can combine the two plans for an affordable price. If you want to sign up for aa lower-speed package, it's necessary to provide your address and zip code. Customer service reps from Windstream are in a position to help you with your questions.


If you're searching for the fastest internet provider, look into Mediacom. The well-known telecommunications provider offers high-quality services across 22 states. The packages they offer include internet, TV along with digital phones. You can also seek assistance in troubleshooting your internet connection. You can purchase their services on the internet or through regional affiliate stores. Consumer Affairs has reported some issues with support with Mediacom.

While it's difficult to know what a plan costs, you must be aware of a few facts about Mediacom before you sign up. One thing you should know is that every plan comes with a limit. Mediacom is an excellent choice for DSL internet users since its fastest plan is Mediacom Access Internet 60, which comes with a 200GB data limit. The cheapest plan will offer 600 MB, which is sufficient for most users.

Another benefit of Mediacom is the 90-day money-back assurance. The policy covers monthly fees but doesn't pay for one-time installation costs, pay-per-view transaction fees, or excess data usage charges. The amount is applied to the following statement of billing. This also applies to any remaining financial obligation. If you're unhappy, you are not satisfied, ask for a refund or cancel your subscription.

Starry Internet Plans and their prices

If you're searching for an internet service provider with high speed, you might be wondering what Starry Internet costs. Starry Internet offers just one plan that costs $50 per month. It comes with unlimited data usage and a no-cost router and installation. It functions similar to Verizon's millimeter 5G network by using powerful antennas to connect your home router. It is possible to get unlimited data and a router for $50 per month for a short period.

Although Starry's plans and pricing are similar to other broadband providers, they differ in terms of their speed. For instance, Starry Internet offers faster upload speeds than cable, with plans that range between 30Mbps and 500Mbps. In contrast, the cable broadband service typically provides speeds of up to 1,000Mbps for downloads and upload speeds less than 35Mbps. If you're seeking faster speeds, it's possible to consider the fiber Internet service.

The positive aspect is that Starry has expanded their coverage area. They're accessible in five cities, and they'll soon be located in Columbus, OH. Although they're not the biggest telecoms provider, their plans and prices are comparable to the plans offered by other major providers. Despite having a small coverage, Starry's plans and pricing provide fast upload and download speeds. However, not all regions can be covered with Starry, So be sure to confirm the coverage of your area before deciding to sign up.

Rise Broadband

Broadband offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is one of its most appealing features. If you aren't satisfied with your internet connection speed, you can cancel your subscription and get a complete refund within 30 days. You may also cancel your service without penalty if you switch to a less expensive plan. In addition to having a decent speed, the service also has outstanding customer support. Contact live support via the company's website, or call 1-844-411-RISE.

Another great feature of the rising Broadband is its capacity to offer seamless connectivity to different devices.
Streaming HD video on YouTube and Netflix is now possible without interruption.

For the installation of rising Broadband, you will require the assistance of authorized technicians. After confirmation of your purchase, an engineer will arrive at your business or home premises. They will decide the best location for installation and then install the Cat5 Ethernet cable.

Ziply Fiber

You can count on reliable internet service at Ziply Fiber. They provide high-capacity internet plans with no data limits or contracts, which means you can utilize the plans to stream gaming, video, and more. These plans are ideal for businesses with high bandwidth requirements, like those working in the medical and financial sector cloud and IT services and telecommunications. In addition, you can stream high-quality films and play games online.

Customers may also look into Ziply Fiber to upgrade their existing DSL connectivity to a more efficient and stable fiber connection. Ziply Fiber's headquarters is located within Everett, Washington, serving portions in Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Ziply Fiber has a customer support team divided by geographical area. Additionally, you can use the support wizard to get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Ziply's customer service team will assist you in configuring and installing your device; However, it discourages customers from buying their router. While many ISPs provide routers at no cost, Ziply encourages its customers to have their routers installed by a professional. If you decide to purchase the equipment, Ziply could charge you a fee for labor. It is essential to know that Ziply doesn't offer telephone or TV services however this isn't an issue.
























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