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Everyone gives preference to living in a hygienic environment and for that cleaning, the home is becoming essential.

Yes, it is a time-consuming task, though it is also the most important thing to do. But not everyone likes to do household chores, and for that reason, they prefer to hire a maid for that.

Although, most ladies hire a maid if they are working ladies. But hiring the right and genuine one is crucial. As if you are a working lady then maybe your hired handyman will not do your home cleaning services in front of you.

Since cleaning the home requires so many tools, home service is quite a needy check for any house to install and fix household products.

Gone are the days, when we had to ask our neighbours for the handyman. And in case they recommend the one then the charges may vary or say they may ask you for high charges. But as technology is expanding in all industries, it has also entered the home services business.

As there are multiple mobile app development companies that are making the home services business easy. Now, you can find a number of mobile apps that can help you to get the handyman service with just a few clicks.

By using top-class home services apps, you can get household chores services from the magician handyman who has good experience in this field.

But if you are confused about which home service app you should choose. Then, keep on reading his blog, where we will share the list of the top 10 home services apps that you must try to get home services.

Top 10 Handyman Apps You Must Give A Try


To get the handyman on an immediate basis, this on-demand home service app is surely good to go with. To book a handyman, consumers can quickly grab the option and hire the handyman as per their needs and get the services at a particular time. 

All you need to do is search for the service you want and you will get the list of handymen that are available to provide the service. In this app more than 1000 services are registered, so you will get the services that you want. Then you need to choose the handyman you want, to choose the best one you can check the reviews that are given by previous clients. And after choosing the right one they can pay online 

  • Select the service you want
  • Checks the list of available professional handyman
  • Check out the cost estimates and detailed business information
  • Compare prices, read reviews, and book service professionals

Thumbtack is not restricted to cleaning services only, as you can get an assortment of home services, which include:

  • Photography
  • Design and web
  • Pets’ services
  • On-demand tutors and Lessons
  • Crafts
  • Estate planning
  • Personal coaches and consultants
  • Wedding planning
  • Event management
  • Home conditioning


This home service app allows laborers and skilled experts to be hired by the user & perform the task allotted to them. Additionally, it allows the user to get connected to up to 1000 skilled handymen who can handle the home services such as cleaning, maintenance, deliveries, and much more. TaskRabbit lets you hire a professional at an affordable price. 

Urban Company (UrbanClap)

Urban Clap is one of the most famous home service apps that connects customers to service professionals to fulfil their home service needs. Being one of the largest home service providers worldwide, it is the emerging online marketplace for local services. Urban Clap lets you hire professional home services which include massage therapists, plumbers, yoga instructors, cosmetic artists, electricians, and more. Urban claps app simply connects users with a range of well-trained specialists that can come to your house or office. 


HOMEE is another one of the excellent home services apps for getting on-demand home cleaning services. This app is good to go with to solve a variety of household, repair, plumbing, and electrical issues. 

You can also utilize this app to request services you want from highly skilled and trained professionals. You can also check the background of professionals and hire them right away. Quick & easy booking, on-time arrival & delivery, certified, background verified experts & guaranteed high-quality services bring HOMEE app to the top of the charts.


HouseJoy is a well-known home maintenance service organization. This industry's main focus is on making everyday life easier and for that, they are providing the best home-centric services. Whether you are building a new house or renovating your old house or if you are doing interior design, painting, or cleaning, HouseJoy can help you better. 

There are multiple reasons for this app becoming the most lovable and successful home service app. Ease of use, background-verified professionals, on-time arrival & delivery, qualified, and assured quality of services, etc. are some of the eye-catching reasons that make it a popular app.

HouseJoy is a well-known home maintenance service provider app that mainly focuses on simplifying everyday living by providing high-quality home-centric services. Be it home cleaning, construction or renovation, painting, or interior designing. The mobile application has got you covered. Aside from this, this app also delivers other home services its peers offer.

Quick & easy booking, on-time arrival & delivery, certified, background verified experts & guaranteed high-quality services bring HouseJoy app to the top of the charts.


Zimmber is another top-rated home service booking app, acquired by Quikr that has completely changed the way individuals do their daily household chores. This app provides a number of expert professionals in-home services to hire. They are popular for providing services such as home cleaning Electrical, Carpentry, Driver on Demand, Plumbing, AC repair & maintenance, Car Spa, electrical repair, Laundry, Pest Control, Salon at Home, PC & Laptop Repair, and House Painting services, additionally complete home refresh packages.


Mr. Right! One of the biggest brands in the hyperlocal space. Mr. Right’s website and mobile applications provide an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use platform that provides plenty of hard-to-find home services which include cleaning, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, pest control, etc. This mobile application provides up to 300 home services from reliable as well as verified experts, with upfront pricing, & hassle-free payment options.

 Family Handyman

Family Handyman! Being a popular and well-known home services app this app provides professional secrets, tips, or ideas to do the household chores such as washing, pest control, painting, woodworking, cleaning, repairing, and much more smartly. All you need to do is to search for the service you want and then select the person you would like to have served with. To hire the best one you can check the reviews given by previous clients. After that confirm your appointment with a particular professional and after taking the service simply pay them. To pay them you can choose the option you want from the given multiple payment options. 


Here comes another most reliable and trustworthy home service app, from where you can get home cleaning services. We can’t deny the presence and evolution of this app in the on-demand market. You can get construction, on-demand interiors, counsellors, etc services at a reasonable price.

 Though, all of these apps are gaining traction rapidly. However, there is no doubt that there are so many mobile app development companies that are still creating home service apps for their valuable clients. At the same time, Ionicfirebase is a well-known mobile app development industry that has a ready-made mobile apps list. These apps are created after the proper research of the particular business their development team has developed so many apps. If you want to take your home service business to the next level, by using the home services app then feel free to connect them. As they have a ready-made app for home services named home services app, which is built by a dedicated app development team. Have a look at the Home Service App details…


Home Service App is built by the well-trained Flutter app development team of Ionicfirebase. This app will let you get a bunch of services at your doorstep too. To get the service all you need to do is to follow a few steps. Undoubtedly, the home services application is very useful for home-based multiple online services businesses. This UI kit aids in building a high-quality home service solution with special features that lets your valuable customer book services in a couple of minutes. Get this app if you are running a local home service business. Via this app, your potential clients can easily get online services such as AC or refrigerator repair service providers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. All they need to do is to go through some steps and confirm the appointment and pay online. This app also has some basic points such as registering, logging in, viewing order status, order history, managing the account, etc.

Are You Also Considering To Evolve In The Home Service Market?

If you are also running a home service business and want to give a digital presence to your business? Are you looking for a Flutter app development company that can help out you with a successful home service app? Are you considering starting a home cleaning service business? If the answer to the above question is yes, then we are here to say that keep the focus on quality. Yes, provide quality service to your clients. Get a high-quality mobile app that can define your business. For that, you need to connect with a reliable and trustworthy mobile app development company that has good enough knowledge to build an app. Along with that, they must have a team that can do good research about your business, plan your app, understand your needs, and create the best app that matches your needs as well as your business requirements. 

Looking for such a company?

Here it is…

Ionicfirebase – With every passing day, the competition in the market of Flutter app development is gradually growing. So, to get the home service app that will increase the revenue of your home service business you need to hire flutter developer that will add the essential features to your home service application and avoid the irrelevant features. Ionicfirebase, is one of the leading mobile app development organizations, that has a number of mobile application developers that have created so many feature-rich apps that are running successfully in the market. To get the readymade and on-demand app, feel free to connect to the Ionicfirebase.


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