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The Top International School in Kurnool, IDPS, Kurnool

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Welcome to the Best CBSE School in Kurnool that’s set to play a significant role in shaping academic careers of the region’s children. International Delhi Public School (IDPS), Kurnool, is here with a focus on technology, student-centric progress, growth-oriented curriculum, and internationally-relevant programmes for every child’s success.

International Delhi Public School (IDPS) is part of the well-established, leading and rapidly-growing CBSE educational group in India, with over 280 schools present across 25 states. Currently, the group has 4,00,000+ new-generation students pursuing enriching national educational programmes. International Delhi Public School, Kurnool, is part of the leading education chain and is proud to be building generations of tomorrow’s citizens, preparing to stand with confidence on the global podium and geared to go past hurdles, so they become global winners.

International Delhi Public School, Kurnool, offers a plethora of amenities and facilities to pursue education in an undistracted, friendly educational environment. When it comes to transportation, the school provides safe and hassle-free transportation facility for students to commute to-and-from school. Our fleet of buses is equipped with communication devices and drives down to various parts of the city, ensuring that students commute to school comfortably and on time. Every bus has a caretaker to ensure the safety of children in transit, and attend to them in case of any need along the way. Students, on reaching the campus, assemble in the spacious green lounge in front of the school.

International Delhi Public School, Kurnool, has the best of faculty, hand-picked from eminent institutions of the country. The teaching fraternity comprises certified professionals and thought-leaders, whose expertise and passion for innovation will create one-of-a-kind learning environment. It’s their depth of understanding and invaluable experience that will contribute to a rich environment for learning-while-doing. Teachers are well-versed with modern techniques in teaching-learning systems and effectively use the latest teaching gadgets provided in the classroom to help students understand complex topics with ease and clarity.

Field trips and educational tours are like a classroom-in-motion and a school-awayfrom school. These exclusive, activity-based educational tours are based on the grasping abilities and age group of students. Field trips and short-duration picnics conducted during the academic plan are directly related to the lesson being studied. Predicted questions, observations, and curiosities are incorporated into the classroom plan, before and after field trips, as they teach students to face realistic challenges, tackle real-life situations, and then relate them with textbook learning. Students, during these trips, also develop inter-personal skills as they understand and ingrain the values of sharing, caring, teamwork, collaboration and co-ordination.

Middle School is a crucial time for sharpening academic and study skills from the foundation established in earlier years, as well as fostering effective work habits and self-advocacy. At IDPS, this is achieved in a well-supported environment through a mix of class activities and small group work that caters to individual student’s needs. Learning is further enhanced by opportunities for students, to take part in several value-sessions activities that nurture students’ intellectual and analytical skills. Teachers emphasize on active learning, and students are regularly assessed to help them reach their full potential and achieve excellence in all aspects of learning.

The academically-focused programmes at IDPS have been designed incorporating the advancements in global educational field. The teaching methodology adopted for higher school students is proactive, and ensures active participation of everyone. Students are divided based on their overall skills and are groomed for better performance. At IDPS, learning is a process that includes discussions, case studies, investigations, problem-solving, project work, periodic tests, and other interactive sessions. The scientifically devised assessment system analyses academic performance of students at a micro level to take corrective measures.




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