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 Several reasons can encourage a user to try a new messaging app. Google Play offers a wide range of great messaging app options to Android users.

A large number of messaging apps are available for  Android smartphones. Every app has been designed to cater to the different needs of different users. For example, for some users, privacy may be the biggest concern. On the contrary, some others may prefer messaging apps that can support voice chatting and video calls. For whatever reason, you want a messaging app. Google Play Store has all types of messaging apps to offer you.

Many social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have introduced messaging features in their apps. These messaging features are known as called direct messaging. Similarly,  the multimedia messaging app Snapchat also has a messaging feature that disappears after opening and viewing the messages. Messaging apps are geared explicitly toward smooth communication instead of crafting a post or posting a photo. Moreover, these messaging apps allow users to avoid international rates for texting messages. It makes it easy for the users to send messages to their family members and friends living in other countries. Besides, messaging apps also beneficial to the users working from home currently. Above all, these messaging apps are available to download for free and easy to use.

When you choose a messaging app, several things require specific consideration. If you want an integrated social media and messaging feature, Facebook’s Messenger app can be the best choice. The users can send a message to their friends and search and message their friends active on Instagram. Besides, the users can personalize their chats’ experience by choosing a wide range of chat themes. Also, you can customize your reactions during the chat while choosing emojis. Parents who want to keep an eye on their kids’ activities when they are online can use Messenger Kids. It will allow them to exercise control over their kids’ contact list.

Other Great and Useful Android Messaging Apps

If privacy is your first and foremost concern, then you should consider the Signal app. The signal is an end-to-end encrypted app in which messages can be sent only to the recipient and the sender. Another great app is well known to offer excellent privacy features in Line. Line app introduced an end-to-end encryption feature in the year 2016. It also provides a poll feature, which has made it very easy to get the opinion on specific issues from everyone and ask any question from a group.

The users interested in adding as many people as they want in a group can download the What’s app. The free, multiplatform messaging app allows its users to add almost 256 participants to their group chat. So, there is no issue even if someone decides to leave the group. Above all, WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature related to the users’ privacy and security, including fingerprint authentication and face identification. There is also GroupMe, which serves the need of even much larger groups. You can include almost 500 participants in your chat. Moreover, the app allows you to choose when you want to get notifications and mute some specific conversations.

The above listed messaging apps are only a few selections from a wide range of messaging apps available to download from the Google Play Store. So, none of those, as mentioned above, apps is the right fit for you. Even then, there a plenty more from which you can choose your preferred one. Overall, before selecting any messaging app, you should first think about which feature you want in your messaging app regardless of the chat capacity, popularity, privacy, and many other features. When you find out which messaging app can cater to your needs in the best possible way, it will undoubtedly help you.



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