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iPhone has undoubtedly revolutionized online gaming through its enhanced technology targeted for the best user experience and multi-touch. Apple’s iPads provided a more significant power and canvas for extensive and fully immersive gaming experiences. These Apple tablets are an engaging and powerful gaming device whether you want to use the innovative touch screen or a controller to get an incredible gaming experience similar to consoles. iPads have several features that are enough to make them the ultimate gaming device. For example, the iPads come with a 9.7 inches high-resolution screen with a backlit LED display. Its in-plane switching technology provides good contrast and color even if you have held it in whatever way you want.

Things will get much better if you have the iPad of the third generation with their Retina displays. It can give you a crisp image, 2048 x 1536 resolution, and more excellent color saturation. Moreover, you can enjoy online gaming on a full screen. So, if you have decided to enjoy online gaming on an iPad, then we have some of the best iPad games for you.

Dead Cells

This rogue like role-playing game provides the online game players’ tasks to run the different levels. The online game players will need to collect upgrades and items all along their way. If the players die, then they will need to start from the beginning. You can navigate the items and promotions through jumping, running, and taking down your enemies in the game. Having this game on an iPad means that online gaming fans can play the game anywhere or anytime, whether they are on a nature trip, on the commute, or even during their breaks.

Invisible Inc.

This is a turn-based tactical online game that has stealthy gameplay. Its plot of the game is set in 2074, where the mega-corporations have taken direct control of the world’s affairs instead of national governments. These powerful corporations have their big armies for security and immense wealth. In the game, Invisible Inc. is an espionage and intelligence agency that has been overrun with its most agents killed and assets destroyed or seized. The only things that remained in the game are you, the powerful artificial intelligence computer, Ingonita, two agents, and this intelligence agency’s indomitable leader.

You will need to complete your goals while avoiding enemies in the game. The gameplay of this video game is complex in which the player will need to control characters who are unique through the dangerous missions. You will get a lot of options for customizing the characters and game.

Leo’s Fortune

This cute and engaging platforming online video game features clever puzzles, intuitive and crafted stages, and beautiful graphics. It will allow you to hunt down the mysterious and cunning thief who has stolen you precious gold coins. Leo is a well-known engineer and belongs to a wealthy family. But one day, he found that someone has stolen his entire fortune. He suspects his Uncle Sergej, Aunt Olga, and cousin Victors as the culprits. All these people have lost their wealth in the tragic accidents as Leo has.

Slay the Spire

The rogue like deck-building game has been filled with incredible challenges, exciting decisions, and fun. You will have to reach the spire’s top, but getting at the top is not easy. The player will have to deal with a lot of enemies and many other encounters. You will need to start with the deck of cards while choosing a character. The player will have to use the cards to ascend the spire and defeat the enemies. Since it is an adventurous rogue like game and so you will have to start the game again at the bottom of the spire when you die. You will get new cards, special abilities, plenty of exciting events, and four unique characters with relics that you will find.

Ticket to Earth

It is an incredible game with surprising twists in the plots, impactful and impressive characters, and a well written, engaging narrative. The narrative will keep you engaged and invested in New Providence’s rich world and people living on this planet. It has the original and outstanding battle system that can breathe new life into the strategy of role playing games genre. The game offers you an incredibly complex and deep combat experience that will never go stale. Besides, you will get opportunities to acquire new abilities and powers.

Apart from the games listed above, you can also play many other equally engaging and exciting games on your iPad. Some of these games are Hidden Folks, Red’s Kingdom, The Room: Old Sins, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Santorini, Alto’s Odyssey, etc. All these games belong to different genres but are incredibly packed with fantastic gameplay and plots.

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