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The Types of Electricians Who Make the Most Money and Their Skills 

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Ordinarily, the first step in the process of becoming an electrician is to finish an apprenticeship, which entails receiving instruction on the job. After that, you have to put in a few years of work as a commercial electrician brisbane journeyman before you are given the opportunity to take an exam and become a master electrician. Within these levels, electricians have the opportunity to specialize in the wiring work required for a particular kind of building or vehicle, such as commercial electrical work, the wiring required for aircraft or boats, or the wiring required for various electrical systems used in power generation methods, such as those used on solar panels or wind turbines. 

Because of the high demand or the location, electricians who specialize in particular fields or industries earn a higher salary. The following are the six electrical vocations that pay the most: 

  1. a person who works with avionics

Annual salary averaging $39,310 as the national average 

Installing and maintaining aircraft's electrical systems are the primary responsibilities of avionics technicians. Because pilots and computers utilize these systems to operate planes physically and electronically, avionics specialists have to work carefully to ensure that planes can remain in the air and that passengers are protected. Avionics technicians typically make a sizeable portion of their pay from working additional hours, as they have the ability to put in overtime and frequently do so. 

  1. Commercial electrician

An annual salary of $42,641 is considered to be the national average. 

Primary responsibilities: The responsibilities of a commercial electrician are quite similar to those of an industrial electrician; however, commercial electricians do not often have as much experience working in production environments. The high salary for this position is primarily attributable to the high demand for it. 

  1. Lineman: an annual pay of $48,315 on average across the nation

The primary responsibilities of a lineman include the maintenance and repair of outdoor electrical infrastructure, including power lines and poles. Because it is potentially hazardous, requires a high level of physical fitness, and calls for constant attention to ensure that safe practices are followed, the work pays highly. 

  1. Marine technician's Annual income that falls within the national average of $50,053

A marine technician's primary responsibilities include the installation and maintenance of the electrical systems that are found on boats. These systems help to power and navigate onboard equipment. Because of the particular information they possess, they frequently have access to employment that pay a high salary. 

  1. Wind turbine technician The national average annual income for this occupation is $51,784

Installing, repairing, and inspecting wind turbines are the primary responsibilities of a wind turbine technician. Because this is a career that requires intricate repairs and specialized knowledge, the pay is high to make up for the difficulty of the work that is required. 

  1. Electrical technician Annual salary that falls within the national average: $55,418

The primary responsibilities of an electrical technician are the construction, maintenance, testing, and repair of electrical equipment, which is typically performed under the direction of an electrical engineer. The task can frequently be found in settings such as a laboratory, manufacturing facility, or repair shop. 



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