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The Ultimate Guide to Residential House Cleaning

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Do you consider residential house cleaning a daunting task? Sometimes, a lack of knowledge can make you feel like you're not on the right track when it comes to cleaning chores. That's why we've compiled the best steps to follow in order to make your cleaning experience smooth and give you the results you want. Read till the last to know.

Keep your cleaning tools handy

Cleaning products are the crux of your cleaning process. You don’t need a bunch of expensive products to keep your home sparkling. So, the best way to set yourself up for cleaning success is to make sure that you have the right products and tools for your cleaning needs.

Simplify the list of cleaning products

You don’t need different products for every corner of your home. You just need basic products to remove grease and dirt from every surface. Thus, make sure to keep the list of your cleaning essentials as short and precise as possible.

Rubber gloves and microfiber cloth

The reason why microfiber is preferred by the cleaning experts is not only that it's better for cleaning the surface but also it is machine washable. It dries quickly and is less likely to hold germs. It eliminates most of the bacteria only with water and is many times better than the traditional cleaning cloths.

In addition, a pair of rubber gloves make your cleaning process much easier. They act as a barrier and protect your hands from bacteria and mess. 

Deal with mess and spills throughout the day

Instead of cleaning when the whole look of your home changes, clean as soon as possible to keep everything under control. To treat spills quickly, keep a microfiber cloth handy. Timely handling of daily and hourly mess helps prevent build-up.

Try baking soda

The grease build-up is a common issue in every kitchen. However, baking soda can help here. The residential house cleaning services experts suggest sprinkling some baking soda on the cloth and wiping down the areas having grease buildup. After that, wait for a couple of minutes and then wipe the area again using a damp wet cloth to pick up any remains.

Make sure to have adequate light

Residential cleaning experts suggest cleaning your home when it is fully lit. Open all curtains, blinds, and shades, or turn on all lights. Try to clean during the day as you can clearly see the mess at this time.

Follow the ideal cleaning path

All the residential cleaning experts follow a cleaning strategy. They suggest cleaning from the top to bottom and from the back to front. Top to bottom means starting from the high in the room so that all the dirt that will fall on the bottom surfaces can be cleaned later.

Lastly, start with basic so that you can’t get overwhelmed. Slowly add new tasks to your cleaning routine to make everything manageable. To add some fun to your cleaning, turn on the music that makes you energized and active. Furthermore, if you find any issues with cleaning put your trust in residential house cleaning services from the experts.




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