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Mathematics!! Most of the students get goosebumps just by hearing the name. But can you live in fear of it all the time? Don't you think it's high time you deal with it? What worries you can by easily handled! Get yourself the math textbook solution manuals. The solution manuals will solve all your problems in a go!

The math textbook solutions manual has answers to all the different questions ranging from the simplest to the trickiest ones. There is a lot of availability of solution manuals online. If students feel the need to get one, they can avail themselves of the best options.

But with the best, there are also times, when you are flooded with the worst options in your ignorance. What’s the solution to this then? Have you heard about the online academic platform titled Crazy for Study? If not, then grab onto your phones or laptops and take a look.

How will Crazy for Study help you?

It is a platform designed for students to provide instant assistance with homework and assignments. The online platform has access to more than fifty million textbook solution manuals. The students can select their preferences accordingly.

Advantages of Solution Manuals of Crazy for Study

Stepwise Solutions

The solution manuals provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the course-oriented textbook questions. The gradual explanation of the different questions helps the students to learn and understand better.

Additional Materials

The solution manuals also provide reference materials, practise questions, examples and quizzes. The reference materials help the students to analyze the different concepts better. The illustrations, practice questions and quizzes help the students to test their knowledge and understanding.

Original Content

The writers are subject-matter experts and academic researchers who have adequate knowledge in their respective fields of education. They do not copy from other sources and follow a zero-plagiarism policy.

Error-free Content

The editing team does its job well. They go through every solution meticulously for spelling and grammatical mistakes before publishing the content.

Q/A Forum

The online platform also has a Q/A forum that helps students with different doubts and queries. The subscribers can ask fifty new questions along with the pre-existing ones in the forum.  

Digitalized Content

With the world rapidly being digitalized, education has also taken a digital platform. Students can access the solution manuals through any IOS or Android device. All the students have to do is subscribe, and they can gain knowledge from any corner of the world.

Mathematics: A Brief Introduction

Maths is the science that takes under its umbrella the logic of shape, arrangement and quantity. The subject has evolved from elemental practices of counting, describing, and measuring different objects' formation.

Mathematics had been used in the most ancient of cultures. The need for math aroused due to the various wants of society. Since the seventeenth century, mathematics has been a crucial part of the physical sciences and technology. With the complex modern society, the complexity of mathematics is also rising.

Applied mathematics and pure mathematics are the two broad distinctions under which the various other areas follow. Applied mathematics is involved in the study of the physical, natural and social world. The main idea of applied math is to create methods that help solve problems in science.

Pure mathematics, on the other hand, deals with abstract problems and theories. It is the study of mathematical concepts independently of any application outside mathematics. It tries to solve the abstract concepts and the various other technicalities.

Mathematics is substantially divided into algebra, arithmetic, number theory, numerical analysis, optimization, probability theory, trigonometry, set theory, statistics, calculus, etc. However, modern mathematics can be divided into three main branches- continuous mathematics, algebra and discrete mathematics. 

Continuous Mathematics

It is based on the mathematics on the real numbers or the continuous number lines. It does not have any abrupt changes in value.


 It is the study of symbols and the manipulation of those symbols. The symbols represent quantities without fixed values known as variables.

Discrete Mathematics

It studies mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete rather than being continuous. It is the language of computer science. It deals with objects that can consider only distinct and separate values.

How are solution manuals helpful?

Solution manuals are gaining worldwide popularity in today's world. Often people wonder about its utility. Some people consider it a demerit for students because of its easy accessibility to all the problems. It makes the student too dependent on the solution manuals, and they do not use their problem-solving ability.

But, if that is kept aside, solution manuals prove to help different types of students. Most of the students want to be self-sufficient and handle their studies and work. They opt for part-time jobs to help themselves and also reduce their parents' burden.

But the problem arises when the students find it difficult to manage work and cope with their studies. Attending classes, submitting assignments, preparing for seminars and doing part-time jobs are in no way easy. It makes the student drained, and they have no time for themselves. With solution manuals, their problems can be sorted. Students get time to self-study and even revise before their exams.

Now are those students in the list who are the silent observers in class. They observe but never speak even if they fail to understand in class. For such students, solution manuals are a blessing in disguise.

Students who find it difficult to keep up the track record also find solution manuals a great help. With the manuals, they can clarify their doubts and keep a form on their performance based on the number of questions they have solved independently.

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