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Drain valves are the little exit valves found at the bottom of air compressors that allow air to escape. Draining the air compressor's tank is the primary function of this device.



The crucial role of an Air Compressor Drain Valve is to let out unwanted water vapor into the atmosphere. Many different types of drain valves are available. In some cases, there may be a little nut head, but in other cases, it will be a valve that you spin like that thermos lid. This will vary based on the manufacturer and the size of the compressor in question.

Pumping air into a tank and building pressure is the primary function of an air compressor. To put the air to use, it must be released through the device. Water vapor is present in the air that is drawn from the environment. The vapor in the air will condense and fall to the bottom of your air compressor's tank when the pressure is increased.

Various Sorts of Air Compressor Drain Valves

Drain valves that are actuated by a float-type mechanism are known as float-operated drain valves. Once the float has reached a certain level, the drain port will open and allow any remaining water to drain out.

Float-operated valves are simple to install and cost-effective to run, so you can get condensate-free air and help keep compressed air systems clear. For usage in facilities where greasy condensate is prevalent, these valves are ideal. They are also economical as they do not require any electrical connection to operate.

Timer-Operated Drain Valves
This type of drain valve is timer-controlled, which means it may be set to drain at a certain period. Suitable for use in compressed air systems where liquids collect. Drain intervals may be customized to match your unique needs by adjusting the open-time and off-time selections in the software. Maintains a steady flow of water out of the system at predetermined times.

Water collection inside the tank is controlled by the float assembly in the Robo Drain Zero Loss Drain Valve vessel in this sort of Air Compressor Drain Valve. The float actuates a trigger assembly powered by pilot compressed air when there is enough water to activate the flow trigger. After that, the drain is opened, but the excess water is stopped before the compressed air is released into the atmosphere.

To keep your compressed air system dry, use a zero-loss drain valve to take out any extra water, chemicals, or moisture. At the same time, they save as much energy as possible. Because compressed air is expensive, zero-loss drain valves only discharge when moisture is present. This saves money on compressed air.

Why is it important to empty the air compressor of any excess water?
When tanks are not adequately drained of moisture, corrosion and weakening of the steel tank might occur, causing the compressor to fail and limit its longevity. The drain valve lowers tool and equipment wear by removing water from the compressed air system.

As a general rule, most manufacturers advocate draining the tank's water every day. This means draining the tank after every usage for the typical house user who uses their compressor for a single job before putting it away.

To put it another way, emptying an air compressor is a necessary part of routine maintenance. Auto-drain valves make it simple and quick to remove water from the tank. Each of the drain valves shown above requires minimal or no manual involvement.

However, when it comes to picking a model, compatibility with your current equipment and operational needs might be one of the more difficult aspects of the decision-making process

As you may have seen, the list supplied is somewhat short, but that was a deliberate choice. Taking just a few simple actions can help you save money in the near term and extend the life of your compressor, saving you much more money in the long run. Visit Air & Vacuum Process INC. to get their suggestions on the best auto-drain valve for your application.

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