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The Unstable Affliction will be upgraded

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Earth Shield is available to all Restoration Shaman as an elemental ability that can be used for specialization. It will then be removed from the ability tree.Surge from an Earth is added to the list as a new talent with WoTLK Classic Gold, using only a few charge of Earth Shield to greatly help the target of the Earth Shield the target and a few nearby allies.Warlock

The Curse of Tongues, Curse of Recklessness, Curse of Weakness Curse of Tongues, Curse of Weakness, Curse of Curse of Doom will be available to all Warlocks, regardless of specialization. Warlocks are also able to alter the space using Demonic Circle.

The ability to use the Tongue Tied becomes a brand new skill, which will allow spells to target the enemies who suffer from Curse of Tongues, preventing the ability to heal.


The Unstable Affliction will be upgraded to decrease its stacking power to make it more difficult for its victim longer, while not taking the Soul Shard.Malefic Rapture will be added as a brand new ability that will permit Affliction Warlocks to exacerbate their own misery and inflict damage on any enemies that are affected by their periodic spells.Sow the Seeds are a new talent, allowing the Affliction Warlock to include two additional seeds in nearby enemies. When combined with the Malefic Rapture ability enemies will explode.



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