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Do you have or manage purchases here, dealers (BHPH)? The right BHPH software package can help you manage the payment process, contact and customer inventory. Learn how the right software can simplify the management of your dealer.

The Upsides of buying here pays here software 

As a BHPH dealer, you provide valuable services for the public that regular dealers cannot. Your business is fast and keep moving. You need a software solution that can follow.

Bhph Dealer Value

According to Investopedia, 20% of Americans have a credit score below 600, and 22% have a score of between 600 and 699. In most cases, which will not be eligible for conventional automatic loans, which usually require a score of 720 or higher. Because more than 80% of car buyers depend on loans, which make many borrowers come out in cold weather. Frustrated with rejection after rejection, this borrower can find a warm welcome at Lot Bhph. They get the opportunity to buy the vehicle they need when everyone has rejected it.

  • Bhph is a good choice for this customer.
  • Dealers offer a wide selection of good used cars.
  • Dealers handle all documents and financing at the location.
  • Easy payment with flexible and comfortable payment terms.
  • Customers can avoid embarrassing credit calling.

You need a software solution

Your dealer processes a large number of documents. Typical car dealers need to store data about every car in inventory, vehicle history, loan documents, current customers and their loan status, legal and tax documentation, collecting and repossession and more.

You also need to track your employees. How is your sales performance? Do you have a workshop in place? How to do in terms of money and customer relationships? With the right purchase here paying the software here, you get access to detailed reports with a touch button.

The features you Require in your BHPH software

You know you need software to manage your business. How do you know you choose the right one? You can listen to a lot of sales pitches, but there are three things that must be top in your list. Select the software that:

  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Work with the system you have.
  • Simplify your payment and accounting function.


Easy to learn and use software

The world's best software is useless if you or your employees find it difficult to use. Your best choice is easy to learn and used software.

What makes software easy to use? It must be simple, well-organized and reliable.


  • Unlimited integration with your existing program.
  • Routine updates that make it fixed and safe.
  • No need for additional third-party software to operate.
  • The direct system that is easy to understand.
  • Intuitive interface, user friendly.
  • Download and simple installation, viruses.

What needs to be known about UX and UI

The term UI refers to the user interface. Some technology experts use the term GUI for a graphical user interface. The term can be exchanged. They both refer to the graph and interesting and easy to use layout.

UX and UI are terms that measure how easily the particular software platform is used. UX refers to the user experience. It measures how pleasant this platform is for people who use it. If the platform has interesting and easy to navigate content, you can say it has a high UX.

Get Current Integration with Your Dealer Accounting Software

The software system must make your accounting function easy. Here are six good reasons to buy here software that functions with existing programs.

 Six reasons you need full integration with your accounting software

  • Get customer history
  • You must be able to find customers and quickly find payment history, delay costs, contact activities, and other payment information. The right system allows you to send emails to your customers about payments, office hours and other important information.
  • You must be able to set repeat payments, attach delay costs, process repossessions and compile your removal number. Some people make a large cash deposit or pay their car in cash. Be prepared with a system that can fill and print the IRS Form 8300 in place.
  • Get your business snapshot
  • When you want your accurate, current business assessment, you can get it anytime with integrated accounting software. When your employees make sales and record it, you will get the amount that runs from your profits. You will also get a good picture of your spending because the software tracks payments, repair costs, commissions and other items.
  • Stop duplicate work
  • Are you tired of constantly having to enter accounting information and the same payment repeatedly? Your employees may be bored. Must enter data from other sources that lead to mistakes and spend a lot of time. accounting system forces you to do that. Integrated system saves your time and money.
  • Calculate the commission.
  • The integrated software system can automatically calculate your commission owe your sales repetition. Software can do this with automatic work prices. Instead of bargaining with your employees, you can get a simple and simple report that describes the commission.
  • Payment process quickly and easily
  • With an integrated accounting system, your employees can process debit payments and credit cards without having to go to a separate payment page. Instead of wasting back and forth time between the customer information pages and payment pages, you can process payments instantly with one touch button.
  • Prepare a flexible payment system
  • Flexible payments are an integral part of BHPH. Your customers need weekly payment flexibility, two weeks or monthly. Your software system must be able to calculate payments under all these schedules, at various interest rates and with certain cash payments. You just enter that information to prepare payment schedules for your customers.

Other features that your software should have

What else must be included in the BHPH Dealer software package that is good? Consider adding these features to the special system targeted for your needs.

Vehicle notes: Easily retrieve options, features, and other details about any car in your inventory. When customers ask questions, you will have that information instantly. You must also be able to enter your own notes about the car.

Vin Decoder: DECODER VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) automatically gives you years, make, model, and history of ownership of anything Vin, it will also remind you if you enter the numbers incorrectly.

Customer Relations Management: Customer Relations Management (CRM) is more than a business keyword. Software that makes everything easy for your customers leads to business, references, and positive reviews. The fully integrated software platform allows you to print status and federal forms instantly including online titles and registration documents, the buyer's guide and manual owner.

Showroom and Lot Management: Track your inventory and remain safe with software that is integrated with your security system, GPS tracking and other features.

Get the edge of the victory with the right BHPH software

Your BHPH dealer is busy, and you don't have time to see a group of different software programs. You want to know that you choose one complete software package that you and your employees will be easy to use. Ncrypted, even build high end Merchant Cash Advance Software. You want software that is integrated with software that is smoothly to make it easy to manage your inventory, your payment system and your customer relationship. Additionally, According to dealerstoday, the market growth of bhph is rising.


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