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It is reported that the secrecy has reached an apex point as the cast have been told to come to set wearing black cloaks resembling popular antagonists Sith Lords from Star Wars universe.

Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s star Rosario Dawson and the Riddick famed actress Katee Sackhoff have been rumored to appear in Season 2, but there is no word from Disney yet.

“The Mandalorian” release date has been confirmed to be October the 30th courtesy of the announcement made by Disney last week, and by the grace of Entertainment Weekly, we have also got set photos from the highly anticipated Star Wars series. There has been speculation after speculation regarding the casting details of season 2 with Disney keeping a mum silence regarding it; however, Rosario Dawson’s name has been thrown in, and she has been rumored to play the role of a fan-favourite character Ahsoka Tano which last appeared in “Clone Wars” series along with Katee Sackhoff who has been speculated to play the role of leader of the Nite Owls Bo-Katan Kryze. Hitman star Timothy Olyphant, Michael Biehn, and Temuera Morrison are also reported to have signed in for season 2.

Entertainment Weekly quoted actress Gina Carano’s words that some rumors might be true while others are completely false. It was Carano who also told Entertainment Weekly that new actors had to come wearing black cloaks in order to hide their identity.

Showrunner and Avengers actor Jon Favreau also talked to Entertainment Weekly and exposited about the plan for the season 2. He said that season 2 will introduce new characters, exposing their own journeys expanding the larger structure of the story.

He also added that the stakes, intensity, and the premise would be larger as the “personal story” between The Child, and Mandalorian will further develop. He enthused that as they explore new characters, there are different routes to follow akin to what Game of Thrones did in order to expand its storyline. Favreau said that such an expansive story is appealing to him as an audience.

John Favreau scratched the surface, but he was in no mood to reveal further, especially anything related to cast, but he did candidly say that George Lucas visited the set once during the filming of an episode shot by Dave Filoni. Favreau jokingly said rather than advising, Lucas reprimanded on several aspects such as the pace with which Filoni was working.

The cast members reprising their roles from season 1 are Game of Thrones and Narcos star Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers and the antagonist Giancarlo Esposito. The names of faces right now are shrouded in ambiguity. The show, however, will premiere its third season on October the 30th ahead of The Halloween.

Source :- https://v4webroot.com/the-veil-of-secrecy-surrounding-the-cast-of-mandalorian-season-2/

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