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More and more drivers are choosing SUVs for the versatility this class of vehicle provides. Of all the SUVs on the market, it's hard to beat the Skoda Kamiq in Australia. Whether you prioritise performance or just want a vehicle with enough room to store everything you need to bring on your next adventure, the Kamiq has something to offer everybody. Let's take a closer look at exactly what you'll get from this vehicle.

Peak Performance

The Kamiq's engine finds the perfect middle ground between power and fuel economy. You'll save money at the petrol pump with the efficiency you'll get from this vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Kamiq takes advantage of modern direct fuel injection to turbocharge the engine. Even at low RPM, your engine will operate with plenty of power to give you a thrilling ride.

Room for Anything

One of the main thing drivers look for in an SUV is space for both passengers and cargo, and the Kamiq provides both in spades.

With a spacious boot and additional storage compartments, you'll have plenty of room for whatever you need to bring along for the ride. The interior leaves plenty of legroom and comfortable seating for your passengers as well.

Seamless Integration of Technology

Modern vehicles strive to integrate with every other piece of technology in your life, and the Kamiq is no exception. You can get all the music from your phone to play through your vehicle's quality sound system using wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

There's also a state-of-the-art navigation system to give you step by step directions to get you where you're going.

A Safe Ride

Drivers want a vehicle that gets them where they're going safely and securely. The Kamiq delivers on that front superbly. Skoda's driver assistance systems will help you stay safe on the road.

Blindspot detection keeps you informed of any potential dangers that you can't see, while the lane assist system will keep you from drifting out of your traffic lane. The emergency assistant will kick in when a potential collision is detected to assist with your braking.

Customizable Features

Along with all these great features that come standard with your new Kamiq, there are plenty of optional features to customize your ride.

The optional panoramic moonroof gives you breathtaking views as you drive. There are also optional features, like parking assist and the rear traffic alert system, to maximize the convenience you get from your vehicle. Leather upholstery can give your Kamiq an even more luxurious look and feel.

All of these features and more are waiting for you from the new Kamiq by Skoda. Check it out at your local Skoda dealership today. Hearing about all these features is one thing, but you won't fully appreciate all that the Kamiq has to offer until you take one for a drive yourself. Once you're behind the wheel, you'll see exactly why so many drivers are choosing the Kamiq as their next SUV.


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