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The Winemaking Process at Domaine Des Tilleuls: Tradition and Innovation Combined

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When it comes to winemaking, it is often a combination of tradition and innovation that produces remarkable wines. At Domaine Des Tilleuls, this philosophy is evident in every step of the winemaking process.

Harvesting the Grapes


The winemaking process at Domaine Des Tilleuls starts with the meticulous selection and harvesting of the grapes. The winery's experienced vineyard team handpicks the grapes, ensuring that only the best fruit is used for their wines. The grapes are then sorted to remove any unwanted material, such as leaves or stems.


Crushing and Pressing


The next step in the process is crushing and pressing the grapes. This action breaks open the grapes, allowing the juice to flow freely. At Domaine Des Tilleuls, they use modern equipment for this process, including pneumatic presses, which gently extract the juice without damaging the skins.




Fermentation is the heart of winemaking. At Domaine Des Tilleuls, they have perfected their fermentation process over many generations. They use temperature-controlled vats to ensure a consistent temperature during fermentation. This leads to a slower fermentation, which allows the wine to develop complex aromas and flavors.




After fermentation is complete, the wines are aged in oak barrels. This process takes place in underground cellars, which provide the perfect environment for aging. The oak barrels add complexity to the wines, introducing hints of vanilla, spice, and toast. The winemakers carefully monitor the length of time spent in the barrels to ensure the perfect balance of flavors.




Finally, the wines are bottled and aged in the bottle before they are released to the public. This aging process allows the wines to develop their full potential, and it is an essential step in the winemaking process.


Domaine Des Tilleuls Muscadet Sevre Et Maine Sur


One of Domaine Des Tilleuls' standout wines is their Muscadet Sevre Et Maine Sur. This wine is extracted from the Melon de Bourgogne grape, grown in the Loire Valley. It is a dry, crisp wine with a mineral character that pairs perfectly with seafood.




At Domaine Des Tilleuls, the winemaking process is a combination of tradition and innovation. From the careful selection of grapes to the aging of the wine, every step is done with precision and care. The result is a range of exceptional wines, including their Muscadet Sevre Et Maine Sur, which showcases the best of Loire Valley winemaking.



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