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The working solution for “Can’t unlock iPhone with Apple watch”

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One of the most ingenious features Apple introduced to its users is unlocking the iPhone with Apple Watch. You can easily unlock your iPhone when you have this feature without compromising security. 

Do you have issues with unlocking the iPhone with your Apple Watch? Then you may take a look at these fixes. 


  • Double-check all settings

There are some settings, which you need to enable to unlock the iPhone with Apple Watch. For example, if you have a passcode enabled on your Apple Watch, you will need to open up Settings, select Passcode, and enable “Unlock with iPhone.” 

It would help if you also kept wrist detection turned on. This can be done from the Watch app on your iPhone. You should go to Settings in the Watch app, select Passcode, and enable “Wrist Detection.” 

One last setting named “Unlock with Apple Watch” should be enabled as well. This is where you need to move to Settings on the iPhone, click on Face ID & Passcode, and then toggle to on “Unlock with Apple Watch.” 


  • Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

 Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

For your iPhone to unlock with Apple Watch, both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should be turned on. You may disable them and turn them on again.

You can go to Settings on your iPhone and disable/enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can do the same in your Apple Watch as well. 


  • Reset Face ID 

An issue with the Face ID sensor can also lead you to problems with unlocking the iPhone. Therefore, we encourage you to reset Face ID and try again. To reset Face ID on the iPhone, you need to move to Settings, select Face ID & Passcode, and click on “Reset Face ID.” You may also think about setting up an alternative Face ID on your iPhone. Then you can increase your chances of unlocking the device.


  • Restart the Apple Watch and iPhone 

Restart the Apple Watch and iPhone

A simple fix would be to restart the Apple Watch and iPhone. If there is a technical glitch, you can overcome it by restarting. Some people don't restart their devices at all. However, we encourage you to do it at least once every few days so that you can ensure smooth functionality.


  • Re-connect your Apple watch with the iPhone 

Another fix you can attempt is to re-connect the Apple watch and iPhone. Before you do that, you should unpair the device. You should go to the Watch app on the phone, click on “My Watch,” select the “I” button, and then select “Unpair.” You will need to bring the Watch closer to the iPhone to repair it. Then you can see the pairing screen popping up on the Apple Watch.


  • Reset network settings

Reset network settings

If you still have the issue, we encourage you to reset the network settings of your iPhone. You should go to Settings, click General, and select Reset. Then you can pick the “Reset Network Settings” option and enter the device Passcode. 


  • Reset your Apple watch

As the last step, you may try to reset your apple watch. You can go to Settings under the watch app on your iPhone and reset it. It will take some time for the data to wipe and reset. After that, you may try to pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone again. 

You can surely get your Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone by following these steps. Therefore, taking the hassle to follow these steps is worth your effort. 

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