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The youth of the wilderness

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When Uncle Sang saw the guest off, he saw Xiong Mutian coldly. He stood on the steps and said with a smile, “Hello, Brother Mutian.”. What's wrong? His eyebrows were furrowed and he looked preoccupied. Is there any difficulty I can help you with? Xiong Mutian saluted with folded fists and said with a smile, “Uncle Sang, thank you for your attention.” “Well said, please come to the house to wait for tea.” “Thank you. I'm going to take a walk in the Yamen.” “Fu Ya, County Ya?” “Fu Ya.”. I'll pay my respects another day. Don't mention it. Oh! I heard something happened to your shopkeeper? “Yes, the news travels fast.” Is it for this matter to report? That should go to the county government first, the accident outside the city, Xuancheng county tube. “Forget it, even if people are safe, it's better to do less than more. Even if you report the case, you can't find the mastermind.” “If these lawless bandits are not brought to justice, I am afraid they will harass you even more in the future.”. I'll accompany you to the Yamen to report the case, and ask the government to investigate it strictly. Go! Uncle Sang said in the afternoon. Xiong Mutian smiled bitterly and said dejectedly, “I appreciate Master Sang's kindness. I can't thank you enough.”. It's just, the city.. Alas! Not to mention, a trivial matter, the authorities are powerless, but the report led to a series of trouble, why bother? “Then..” Is that all? “No, it's all right.” “Oh!”! Brother Mutian,artificial banyan trees, what kind of factory are you setting up? “This..” “Still keeping your mouth shut?” Uncle Sang asked with a smile. In fact, there is no need to pretend to be mysterious, but the time has not yet come, whether we can choose an auspicious start, I am not sure, rather than meaningless publicity, it is better to hide clumsiness and avoid making jokes. “Oh!”! Difficult? In what way? Worker? Funds? Brother Muyao, we have known each other for a short time,fake ficus tree, but we feel like old friends at first sight. Finally, we have a little friendship. If you don't mind, I would like to help you sincerely. If you have any difficulties, I am duty-bound to help you. If you need money, thirty or fifty thousand silver only needs to be ordered. “Master Sang is warm-hearted. I'm very grateful. There are still many places to rely on in the future. I'll ask Master Sang to take care of me another day.”. Oh! How does Master Sang know that he is short of funds? Xiong Mutian asked with a smile. How interesting! It is difficult to start a business, and it is even more difficult to keep it. Brother Mutian starts a business in this city. Everything has to be done with money. You are not afraid of too much capital, are you? Do you need silver turnover? Uncle Sang said with a smile and finally added, “How much do you need?” “I've just come back from Nanjing, and there's no need to raise enough money. I appreciate the hospitality of Master Sang.”. The shop has decided to open at the beginning of next month, when Shang Qingsang will come to give advice. Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me. “Brother Mu Tian, don't forget, if necessary, the door of my humble abode will be open for you at any time, hehe!” Uncle Sang said affectionately. I am deeply honored and will sincerely thank you in the future. After seeing Xiong Mutian off, decorative palm trees ,artificial plant wall panels, Uncle Sang said to a healthy servant beside him, “Sang Yong, go and find out what Master Xiong wants to help. Don't let outsiders say that our people in Ningguo bully outsiders.” Sang Yong leaned over and asked, “Sir, are you going to investigate the bandits who kidnapped shopkeeper Li?” “You'll see.” Uncle Sang said with a faint smile. On the third day, the Sang family sent someone to Neng Mutian's shop to send a letter to Uncle Sang. The letter mentioned that the bandits who had kidnapped shopkeeper Li had been found to be a gang of ruffians at the foot of Shuangyang Mountain, five miles south of the city, headed by Cao Long. This group of ruffians has a total of more than ten people, who are idle, stealing chickens and dogs, abducting and swindling. It was a pity that they had heard that they had fled to Wuhu to fool around. Uncle Sang also assured in the letter that the same accident would not happen in the future. Please rest assured Xiong Mutian. When Xiong Mutian received the letter, he was very grateful. Unexpectedly, Uncle Sang was able to frighten the ruffians in the city, which surprised him. Generally speaking, a law-abiding gentry would not deal with local ruffians. In case of trouble, all he had to do was to send the name card to the Yamen, and the government would deal with it most effectively, and would make those ruffians obedient. Xiong Mutian formally went to the door to thank him, and from then on, the friendship between the two sides gradually deepened. To make friends with the city's sainted chief figures, Xiong Mutian has been more than half successful, although the shop has not opened, but has been in the city to stand firm. In Hongtai Village across the street, the hostility of the guys has disappeared from their eyes. Hung-tai's shop is the busiest from early morning to the end of the afternoon. People who come from the four villages to deliver goods have to rush back and leave the city early, so the busiest time is before and after the afternoon sign. Plain silk and white cloth are piled up outside the shop. Without a license, the shopkeeper and the boatman transported the goods from the warehouse to the outside of the city. Early the next morning, the ship was put down and transported to the shop in Wuhu. For more than a decade, this routine has not been changed. Peers are enemies. Since the Xiong family opened a pen shop and a pen factory, which had nothing to do with the cloth shop, the owner of Hongtai was greatly relieved that there was no need to hate Xiong Mutian. No wonder the hostility disappeared in the eyes of the guys. At the end of the month, the wind finally came out. Li shopkeeper has released the news that the shop will open early next month, the pen-making factory will be completed, and the work and materials will be requisitioned soon. Near noon, Hongtai was too busy to spend money inside and outside the store, but five uninvited guests came outside the store. The leader was a middle-aged man in a purple satin gown, tall and tall, with a long forehead and eagle eyes, thin lips like paper, and an angry face. With four thugs in Tsing Yi with tiger backs and bear waists, they went straight into the crowd. A clerk with sharp eyes shouted to the delivery man: “Get out of the way, get out of the way!”! Here comes our second proprietor. Gu Lu, the second owner, the host of the Wuhu head office is here. Yigu rushed in aggressively and said with a sneer, “Is it a soul?”? You worthless bastards! Where is the third proprietor? The shopkeeper met with a rebuff and said shyly, “The third proprietor is in the back hall and is discussing with the master.” “Go away!” The shopkeeper flashed aside in a panic. Gulu strode to the inner hall. In the inner hall, the talented scholar Yi Shouzheng, together with his master and six assistants, said loudly in an angry voice, “How come Shide has been cut off from the supply of goods since the middle of the year?”? What on earth are you talking about? Sweating in a cold sweat, Shiye said in a panic, “Wang Qi,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, who is in charge on that side, said that the mountain road is not easy to walk. The machine room in that area said that we should wait for the cloth to accumulate enough and then send it together..” “Bastard!”! For more than ten years, there has always been one horse to send one. How can Wang Qi be so confused as to decide according to them? “Call Wang Qi back.” 。 hacartificialtree.com


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