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With QuickBooks Online, a cloud-based outsource accounting services India job service provider, it is possible to handle payroll, keep tabs on your Indian accounting service provider, and create reports. It has many features yet is easy to use and navigate. You may enter information into your accountant's account management system more quickly by using keyboard shortcuts.

Frequently Employed Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are supported by QuickBooks Online:

a) To force a page refresh, press F5. This will also reverse any modifications you've made to the website and restore it to its initial state if there are no other windows open on the screen.

b) Using Ctrl and A to select all of the text on the screen at once. You may then move or duplicate it by using a different key (such as Ctrl + C for copying, Ctrl + X for cutting, and so on).

c) You may duplicate text or objects by pressing Ctrl + D (for instance, selecting an item on an invoice and clicking Ctrl + D produces two new invoices).


a) In order to switch between browser tabs, use Ctrl+Up/Down.

b) To navigate between fields in a window, press Ctrl+Tab.

c) If you have a lot of open tabs, Shift+Tab will close one and open another. Working on many papers at once makes switching between them simple. Once you've located it, simply press Shift+Tab once more. Pressing Ctrl+F1 will reset the Help window's settings if you don't want to open any additional tabs. Go to Edit->Preferences to make changes.

Those who are adding data

those who are adding data

a) Pressing the F8 key to add a new line.

b) Press CTRL+A to select everything.

c) Press CTRL + C to copy.

d) In your spreadsheet, you may copy data once and paste it twice into the same row, column, or cell by using the CTRL+V keyboard shortcut. In QuickBooks Online, you may quickly delete all of the information from a column or row by using this shortcut. Use this shortcut while dealing with many files to make changes to all of them at once.

Having motion.

a) To move the selection up or down a row, use the up and down arrows.

b) You may move the cursor one column to the left or right by simultaneously pressing the left and right arrows.

b) Press an arrow key while holding down the shift key to move the pointer ten rows as opposed to just one.

Terminology for calendars

Using keyboard shortcuts helps speed up and simplify entering dates and times in QuickBooks Online. These may be used to show your own calendar as well as the current date and time.

a) CTRL+SHIFT+F12 is the shortcut key for inputting a date.

b) Press CTRL + SHIFT + F11 to set the time.

Shortcuts let you do tasks more quickly.

Shortcuts let you do tasks more quickly. Shortcuts can make you more productive if you want to try something new since you're tired of your current routine. Boost workplace productivity, save labour expenses, and maintain the smooth operation of your business.


I sincerely hope you find this collection of Quickbooks keyboard shortcuts useful. In case you have any more queries or remarks, do let me know.





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