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Online gambling increased under the uncertainty and boredom of COVID-19 restrictions. As restrictions ease however, the temptation to gamble online will not necessarily ease alongside them. Sports codes are back in play across the country as well as the other gambling options offered during the lockdown, but our financial, social and emotional anxieties remain right through longer term measures such as working from home and social distancing will still be in place – which presents greater risk than ever in terms of overindulgence in online gambling, a strong pull for many when they are alone at home and under added stress.

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Online fantasy games were a form of entertainment for some, but to others it was an escape from the boredom of lockdown. While the restrictions eased, these feelings and triggers remain, with the potential to escalate into problem gambling, as well as causing major financial and emotional harm to our communities.


1. In many ways, online gambling is not a fair game.


There are now more than 800 illegal offshore gambling websites offering online gambling products to Australians. Many of these sites are designed to look and feel similar to legitimate Australian websites, in an attempt to gain your trust. Some will also offer you a lot of money and other incentives to sign up with them. These dodgy operators could steal your identity or financial details, refuse to pay any winnings, and in some cases, introduce viruses to your device.


Chances are, if you stumble across a black-market gambling website, it’s not the real deal. These sites may steal your bank details, hack your personal information, or try to trick you into paying up front. To keep yourself and your money safe, always check on a website before you decide to play.

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slotasia are the gambling equivalent of free solo climbing — scaling up a cliff-face without a rope. Nevada’s law enforcement agencies take illegal online gambling seriously, but there are threats out there you need to know about in order to protect yourself.


2. You're up against the possibilities.


Although online gambling providers sell themselves as an easy way to make money, a bit of harmless fun, like any form of gambling, the house always wins. The system is set up to make the owners money. They will always take their percentages and the balance is shared between the players. The amount won by a player largely depends on his skills, strategies and strategies but like they say you cannot beat the game because after all the casino has the house edge and that is what keeps them running all the time.


3. Do you have a ‘casino in your pocket' in your phone?


Gambling Help counsellors hear the stories all too often. Too often, people leave their workplace with the maximum amount allowed in cash – $10000. This is enough to put them in such a downward spiral that they wipe out their superannuation fund in just a few weeks. Consider if it’s wise to keep unnecessary apps on your phone that have easy access to your bank account and don’t give you a break from the risk of temptation.


If you’ve been online gambling to relieve boredom, see our list of hobbies for new ideas. If you’re gambling because you’re stressed, check out our tips for managing stress. If you’re gambling because you want to improve your financial situation, see how to get a better job or take control of your finances with our money management tips.






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