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The new name for GMOs used by the federal government is “bioengineered,” or “BE.” Some BE foods with detectable changed genetic material are required to list the presence of BE ingredients under the Bioengineered Food Labelling Law. It is important to note that the phrase “detectible modified genetic material” exempts many items created with GMOs from the disclosure requirement. Currently, it is impossible to evaluate many products created using novel GMO techniques like CRISPR, TALEN, and RNAi. Because the altered genetic material is invisible without a commercial test, those items wouldn't need to bear the BE label.

Also, a lot of processed meals include highly refined GMO-derived substances. These products won't need labels because the processing frequently leaves no traces of genetically altered material in the finished product. Bioengineered Food include common household items like sugar manufactured from genetically modified sugar beets or cooking oil made from genetically modified canola.

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