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There is light when he comes (inspirational rough man)

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Qin Tang went in with a washbasin and clothes in his arms and wanted to take a bath. When he saw Jiang Chuan, he immediately stopped and turned around and walked back. Jiang Chuan threw down the sheet, two strides to grab her hand, one hand to stabilize her washbasin, take people to his arms, bow his head, “what are you running for?” Qin Tang stopped and looked back at him. “What for?” Jiang Chuan looked down at her, his eyes were very dark, and he raised the corners of his mouth: “I'm so jealous that I won't give me a chance to explain.” Qin Tang was silent for a few seconds, remembering that Lu Sha had followed him back to Yizhan from Beijing, and that they lived next door for almost a month! He looked up but did not look down. He knew clearly what Lusa intended for him, but he still left him here. Think of here, is a sad. She hit him with her shoulder, but he was big and motionless. Jiang Chuan pursed his lips, put the basin aside, picked up the man and walked to the bathroom. Qin Tang is stupefied, the reaction comes over, the hand slaps his back forcefully, the foot keeps struggling: “Bastard!”! You put me down! She's not a commodity. She's been shouldered several times. She did not dare to shout, and her voice was subdued, as if she were charming and angry. Jiang Chuan closed the bathroom door and pressed the man on the back of the door. “Don't make trouble.” Qin Tang's chest rose and fell, and he looked at him angrily: “When did I make trouble?”? It's obviously your fault. Jiang Chuan: “..” After a few seconds, he admitted defeat: “Well, it's my fault.” Qin Tang got excited and poked his stiff chest with his index finger. “Do you dare to say that Lusa didn't knock on your door at night?” Jiang Chuan: “..” Yes, there was. Did you let her in? Her voice was low. No Jiang Chuan lowered his head, rubbing her neck with his new stubble and kissing her earlobe, “You've been in my room.” Qin Tang immediately shivered and remembered what had happened last night. His ears were red and he was about to open his mouth. Jiang Chuan suddenly covered her lips, and the thin lips moved gently. He said, “Shh.”. Outside the door, footsteps are approaching. Lu Sha stood outside the sink with a cold expression. She walked to the bathroom door and said softly, “Qin Tang, are you inside?” Qin Tang's whole body is tight,chrome washing machine, the whole face is covered by him two-thirds, only showing a pair of moist and clear eyes, is angrily staring at the man in front of him, Jiang Chuan raised one side of the mouth, laughing evil. She opened her hands to bite him, and his palms were covered with calluses, which did not hurt him at all. Jiang Chuan opened her lightly. Qin Tang took a deep breath and then said, “Well, I'm going to take a bath.” Lusa narrowed her eyes and looked at the pink washbasin in the sink. The bath milk and shampoo bottle inside were exquisite. She had used this brand before, but later she thought the smell was too girlish, so she changed it. Your washbasin is still outside. Qin Tang:.. I forgot. With that, he stared at Jiang Chuan and stepped on his feet. Jiang Chuan wears the slipper, is stepped on by her like this, really has some pain, frowns gently. I brought it for you. Will you open the door? Qin Tang hated Jiang Chuan so much that he gritted his teeth and refused euphemistically: “No, just put it outside.” Lusa was silent for a few seconds, squinting at the bathroom door and putting the basin in the doorway. “Okay.” The footsteps gradually went away. Qin Tang immediately pushed him away: “You go out.” Jiang Chuan listened carefully to the movement outside the door, Carbon in Pulp ,tin beneficiation plant, bowed his head and kissed her, went out, and handed her the washbasin by the way. Qin Tang almost snatched it and slammed the door. Jiang Chuan returned to the sink and continued to scrub the sheets. Qin Tang washed for a long time before coming out, the tip of the hair is still hanging drops of water, the whole person is a little soft, Jiang Chuan pulled her, bowed her head to her ear, dark voice: “come to my room tonight?” Qin Tang: “No!” He was not annoyed, and his voice was even lower: “Then leave the door open for me.” Qin Tang pushed him away and walked away quickly. At night, Qin Tang closed the doors and windows well, his hair was half dry, and he curled up in the thin quilt. Keep your head half awake. After waiting for a long time, there was no sound. Too tired last night, now lying in bed gradually some tired, head to the pillow a shrink, pull up the quilt fell asleep. When Jiang Chuan went out, he met Lusha standing in the corridor. Lusa glanced at him, holding a cigarette between her fingers, and lit it lightly. “Out?” Jiang Chuan: “Yes.” “Looking for Qin Tang?” Jiang Chuan looked at her slowly, “there's no need to report this to you.”. ” Lusa bit her lower lip, put the cigarette into her mouth irritably, and sneered: “At night, you are still in the bathroom.” Jiang Chuan did not deny it at the moment, “well.” Lusa was dumb for a moment, and the fog floated in her eyes. “Brother Jiang, are we really impossible?” Jiang Chuan felt a little ridiculous and looked at her: “I'm still the same Jiang Chuan. I have no money and no influence. You felt wronged by being with me at the beginning, and now you can't take a fancy to him. Your present man should be able to give you what you want. I can't help it. Don't waste time on me.” With these words, he turned and walked away. Knowing that Qin Tang would not leave the door open for him, Jiang Chuan went around to the back wall and stared at the window with the light on. The night was quiet and the wind was gentle. Xiaobai lives downstairs, and the lights in the room have long been turned off. Jiang Chuan glanced at the edge of the window on the first floor, walked over, reached out and grabbed the edge of the window, climbed up quickly with his hands and feet, jumped slightly with his tall figure, touched the edges of the window on the second floor, climbed up neatly, and tried to push open the glass window with his hands. A few seconds later, Qin Tang found that even the window was locked. Jiang Chuan stood outside the window, his face dark, staring at the bed curled into a small shrimp Qin Tang, the girl showed half a white face, did not move, as if asleep. After thinking about it, Jiang Chuan took out his cell phone and dialed her phone. Qin Tang did not sleep soundly and woke up with a start as soon as his cell phone rang. As soon as she touched her cell phone, she heard the sound of “knocking” at the window. She was startled and thought there was a thief. When she looked up, she saw a familiar figure standing outside the window, slightly bent, and she saw his face. Qin Tang was frightened, hurriedly got out of bed, ran to the window, Jiang Chuan half squatted down, whispered: “Open the window.” Qin Tang: “..” Opening the window,magnetic separator machine, Jiang Chuan immediately jumped in. Qin Tang patted him on the chest, anxious and angry: “You want to die ah, fortunately this is the second floor.” Jiang Chuan carelessly patted off the ashes on his hands and smiled: “It's all right. I've climbed over the twelfth floor.” 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com


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