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Now You See Me became a massive hit for the suspense, thriller, action, magic, and comedy it brings to the screen in a single film, and the enormous success of the film led the filmmakers to turn it into a franchise. While we all are desperately waiting for the third installment of the film, there are many more such movies on the bucket to keep us entertained. In this article, we have listed the best movies with similar themes, which you will love to watch if you liked Now You See Me. Let’s scroll down and find the top picks for you. 


The Prestige 

The Prestige is a masterpiece by the famous director Christopher Nolan. Just like Now You See Me, the story of this film revolves all-around magic. Two magicians are in the center of this film who used to be friends and partners, but a tragic accident turned them into rivals. Now, both magicians are ready to sacrifice everything they got to outwit each other; however, they are not aware of the terrible consequences this rivalry brings. Christian Bale (Alfred Borden), Hugh Jackman (Robert Angier), Scarlett Johansson (Olivia Wenscombe), and David Bowie (Nikola Tesla) are starring in this film. This film has received an IMDb rating of 8.5. 

Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is the right pick if you are looking to watch something non-magical but as comical as Now You See Me. This film also involves a money heist, and a team tries to rob casinos in Las Vegas. Danny Ocean, a gangster, is the central character of the film. He forms a group of eleven members to steal money from three popular casinos in Las Vegas. Interestingly, all the casinos are owned by his rival, Terry Benedict. With a famous star cast including George Clooney (Danny Ocean), Brad Pitt (Rusty Ryan), Matt Damon (Linus Caldwell), and Julia Roberts (Tess Ocean), this film is a great old-fashioned Hollywood heist film. This film has received the brilliant direction of Steven Soderbergh. Ocean’s Eleven has received an IMDb rating of 7.7. 


If you are longing to watch some crime drama that comes with a touch of romance, then you should watch Focus by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. This film features the story of a con artist, Nicky, who falls in love with his disciple, Jess. However, their relationship ends on a terrible note, and Jess returns as an accomplished femme fatale to destroy his plans. Margot Robbie (Jess Barrett), Will Smith (Nicky), Rodrigo Santoro (Gárriga), and Adrian Martinez (Farhad) are starring in this film. This film has received an IMDb rating of 6.6. 

Tower Heist

Tower Heist is a wonderful story that brings comedy, action, and a heist story to your screen. This film revolves around a group of hard-working men who are scammed by a wealthy businessman. Now, these men are desperate for revenge, and they plan a heist in the high-rise residence of the businessman. Ben Stiller (Josh Kovacs), Téa Leoni (Special Agent Claire Denham), Alan Alda (Arthur Shaw), and Matthew Broderick (Chase Fitzhugh) are starring in this film. Brett Ratner has directed this film, and it has received an IMDb rating of 6.2. 

The Illusionist

The Illusionist is a wonderful story of mystery and romance by Neil Burger. Eisenheim is the central character of this film, who becomes a magician after he cannot get his lover Sophie, the Duchess von Teschen. He uses his powers to secure the love of Sophie. Jessica Biel (Sophie), Edward Norton (Eisenheim), Rufus Sewell (Crown Prince Leopold), and Paul Giamatti (Inspector Uhl) are starring in this film. The Illusionist has received an IMDb rating of 7.6. 


Inception does not include magic, but scientific powers, which are almost “magical” and are used to steal information from the target’s brain. If you are a fan of Christopher Nolan’s works, this is one of the best movies you can watch. Much like Now You See Me, it has got crime, illusion, action, adventure, and humor stitched in a story which revolves around Cobb, who can steal information from his targets by entering their dreams. Saito offers him to perform an inception on his sick competitor’s son, and in return, Saito will wipe Cobb’s criminal history so he can return to his family in the US. Leonardo DiCaprio (Cobb), Elliot Page (Ariadne), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur), and Tom Hardy (Eames) are starring in this film. This film has received an IMDb rating of 8.8. 

We are always searching for thrilling movies, and in the vast libraries of various streaming platforms, it becomes difficult to find one. In this article, we have listed the best exciting films like Now You See Me. You can watch these films and have a great time while waiting for the third installment of your favorite franchise.

Source: These Are the Best Films To Watch If You Liked Now You See Me


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