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Breaking Bad is a popular drama by Vince Gilligan. This series has received an IMDb rating of 9.5 which tells a lot about the quality of the story, direction, and screenplay. This drama involves a lot of characters which leave a remarkable impression on the viewer and Marie, Hank’s wife and Skyler’s sister is one such character who is cheerful and irritating at the same time, including the bad habits also. Mary is a Radiologic Technician, and her love for purple is significant. There have been a lot of incidents in the series, where we want to sympathize with this character, and in this article, we have listed the top moments from Breaking Bad, which will drive you to feel bad for her, and sometimes she also makes you hate her. Let’s scroll down and have a look at the top moments from Breaking Bad, which involve Marie. 

There is an incident in the series where Hank gets shot, and Marie has to take care of him. Hank is a prideful and stubborn guy who does not care much about Marie and her efforts to take care of him despite being busy with her job and her issues. It is certainly tough for her to stick to a guy like Hank in such tough times, and it makes us sympathize with her. Despite the flaws in her character, including the intrusiveness, the emotional trauma she goes through at that time leaves us aggravating. 

There is another incident in the series, which makes us sympathize with Marie. She is already struggling with her issues, and for that, she is also seeing a therapist named Dave, and then there is a shocking revelation about Walt’s involvement in criminal activities, and the same kind of involvement of her sister breaks her. As a viewer, it feels sad to see such a cheerful woman shattered and depressed, which makes us sympathize with her. However, her overreaction, where she is engaged in a fight with her sister after knowing about it, and she slaps her harshly can also make us hate her. She tries to abduct Holly, the child of her sister, and he begins crying with fear after witnessing the heated argument between both sisters, which is an emotional moment for the viewer, and Marie seems to be at fault in that one particular moment. 

There are also moments when the intrusiveness of Marie in Walt’s family can feel irritating. It is justified at the end when Walt’s criminal activities are exposed but such a nosy character is not appreciated by the viewers. She also forces Skyler to tell Walter Jr. about her father’s dealings, and we get to look at a sobbing Skyler and shell-shocked Jr. after they hear the news, which we don’t like at all. 

There is one incident from Breaking Bad which involves Walter Jr. and Marie and makes us feel sad for Marie. This scene also reveals the dual sides of characters in Breaking Bad. In this scene, Mary is shown as a warmhearted person who supports her family, and there are times when the same support is not returned. In this scene, Walt Jr. has to stay at her home and to make him feel comfortable, she offers him food. However, Walt Jr. does not entertain the offering and responds with a “No” and walks away saying “you can go back to talking about me now”.

Marie has significant involvement in the Breaking Bad Series. You can hate her when she suggests Walt take his own life, but you can also sympathize with her about Hank’s snippiness towards her. Every character in this series has got a very deep impression on the mind of the viewer, and Marie is one such character. In this article, we have picked our top moments from the series involving Marie, and you can enjoy more throughout the series. 

source: These Are the Top Scenes From Breaking Bad


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