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You must use the best parental control app to monitor your child's activities online. You can not know what they watch on screen if they use Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram. Children, teens, and kids, everyone is binge-using social media, and you have no idea how much it is harmful to them.
There are dozens of parental monitoring apps that offer Android or  
iOS spy monitoring for your kids. We tested over 50 parental control apps, but every other app has an issue.
  • Some Are Only for Social Media  
  • Web Control Is Not Working  
  • No Real-Time Location 
  • App Crashing Problem 
  • Again Login Issue
But I find one of the best Android parental control app with great features and reliability. If you want a quick and easy-to-use parental control app, then the answer is TheWiSpy, which covers all data you need to have and delivers all customized features. I found it easy to use, and it covers all my issues in one click.
These Are the Best Features That Make TheWiSpy the Best Parental Control 2022

Real-Time Location Tracker:

The parental control app is a must-have feature that helps parents find the children's current location. It is not an easy task to find children's locations without their knowledge. Tracking your kid's location from GPS or using a Google Family Link is not real-time.
TheWiSpy offers you real-time location
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Live Location Monitoring
  • Geofencing
  • High Accuracy
  • Remotely Track
With these features, you can track their location at any time and keep them away from any trouble. 

Social Media Control:

The reason to download any parental control app is to monitor your child's activities. Parental control app can target their social media so you can know about them with whom they are in contact and making friends. TheWiSpy gives its new features to access all social media on your dashboard.
  • Complete Control of Social Media
  • AI to Read Chat
  • Detect Any Emergency
  • Alert You About Depression, Anxiety, Cyberbullying
  • Remotely Access
These unique social media spy features for monitoring your child make TheWiSpy the best android parental control app of 2022 for social media.

Screen Monitoring:

TheWiSpy offers almost all the features which are perfect for screen monitoring. You can access your child's screen on your phone. You can use the best spy camera app option to watch your children. It helps to see their web surfing and their YouTube content consumption, and you can control their screen time. Every house has the same story: everyone is fighting for their time so you can control screen time for every kid.
  • Control Screen Time
  • One-Click Lock 
  • The Run Screen on Your Screen
  • Limit or Schedule Screen Time
  • Kids Can Not Uninstall an App
With all these features of TheWiSpy, you can easily control their screen and block the games or harmful content.

Data Protection:

You don't have to route or download any third-party software. If you use any third party who does not have any data protection policy, they can use your data. TheWiSpy protects your data and your children's data too.
  • Content & Privacy Restrictions
  • A Legal Policy of Data Protection
  • Under International Law
  • Legal Disclosure
TheWiSpy works under these laws, all written on their website, and are transparent, so there is no hidden motive. You can relax as all your data is in safe hands.

24/7 Instant Alerts:

You can get all day alert which protects your kid's whole day. TheWiSpy has a built-in feature of all-day instant, which helps you relax and gives you all the little data you want.
  • Location-Based Alerts
  • App Activities Notification
  • Instant Alerts Every Time Harmful Words Use
  • Changing Sim Gets Alerts
These are all instant alerts in TheWiSpy which is perfect for the parental control app. You can use and add harmful words or apps which give you instant alerts.

My Verdict:

Suppose you need to protect your kids from digital threats. Parental control apps help parents guide kids on how to survive on the internet and in the world. I am using TheWiSpy on my family because it can be used as the best spy camera app. For children, it can record calls and surrounding voices too. If you are searching for the best android parental control app, then TheWiSpy must try the app in the online market.




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