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Zamorak quest looks really good, it was the right time to RuneScape Gold give Zamorak some space in the spotlight. The quest has the potential to be both funny and serious, and may attract more support for Zamorak, the God of three big three, who has less supporters.

I just hope Jagex does not give too many ridiculous retarded vote options meant to be funny that considering that the RuneScape community will most likely be victorious and turn a game that has potential to be amazing into a prank.

Ports update, they're basically giving us what they promised to give us last Runefest. They're trying to pass it off as a sort of update. They didn't provide all the new T85 weapons they promised, but instead gave us the variants that can be used in range.

We're hoping they'll do something interesting with Wilderness. So far everything they're launched to revive the Wilderness has been a disappointment such as the Crucible for example. While Warbands has had some successes, it's very restricted and can keep the Wilderness active for just a few minutes every day.

Zaros was not actually involved in the main God Wars Dungeon. Instead the main God Wars started after Zaros died. The battle for Buy OSRS Accounts the Godsword started when the army entered the temple, where Nex was locked up. Nex managed to escape her trap by their activities.


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