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Things All Good Bulk SMS Marketing Service Providers Should Have

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The current digital world is ruled by mobile phones indicating that bulk SMS marketing is the best strategic marketing planning a business can employ. For every business that wants to have a competitive edge over competitors, bulk SMS marketing, a form of mobile marketing is a must-have and has a crucial part.    


Bulk SMS marketing is one of the most successful sales and marketing tools a business can have. This is because SMS has a 98% open and read rate, an efficiency that no other marketing tool can deliver.  Bulk SMS marketing is the most appropriate method to deliver your message to leads and customers. 


8 Things All Good Bulk SMS Marketing Service Providers Should Have


First and foremost, a good bulk SMS marketing service provider should allow you to have mass communication with leads and customers. However, some bulk SMS marketing providers might not provide all the features needed. Below is the list of all things good bulk SMS marketing service providers should have. 


1. Availability of Mobile App


Businesses need a communication tool on the go, and a mobile app is one way the most appealing aspects of conducting business as your business is no longer tied to a desktop. Against this backdrop, every good bulk SMS provider should provide a mobile app that enables you to view and respond to text messages immediately. The mobile app so provided should be available on both iOS and Android devices and provide the same functionality as their desktop counterparts.


2. Transparent Pricing


The majority of bulk SMS marketing service providers are based on a credit system. You can determine how many credits you will need by a rough estimation of the number of SMS that will be broadcasted per month. Based on the needs of your business, you can pick up a plan. 


Some bulk SMS marketing service providers are not completely upfront regarding the pricing of SMS that will be sent and received. Ideally, you might consider bulk SMS marketing that offers free cost to incoming SMS. Extra charges may also be applied for certain features. 


3. Grant Multiple People Access 


Bulk SMS marketing service providers should be teammate friendly i.e. many people should have access to your account based on how to make the best use of the texting plan. Bulk SMS marketing service providers should offer sub-account or team member capabilities so that SMS texting can be managed by many people in your organization.   


4. Quality Support


There’s a learning curve for every software that a business uses and a good bulk SMS marketing service provider should ensure that the support of team members is available. This will ensure customer service is responsive and the customer's issue is resolved timely. 


5. Integration Friendly 


A good bulk SMS marketing service provider should provide software that is integration friendly that will support many other tools. The bulk SMS marketing service provider should be flexible enough to allow you to integrate the bulk SMS marketing tool with other programs such as API, CRM, etc. 


6. One-way or two way communication


A good bulk SMS marketing service provider should provide customers with either one-way or two-way communication. In the latter case, make sure the recipients can respond to your SMS in the form of feedback, answers, etc. 


7. Ease of Account Management


A good bulk SMS marketing service provider should provide software that can be used by anyone and when required can provide you with advanced features. Check whether the dashboard is user-friendly, etc. 


8. Free Trial


Bulk SMS marketing service providers should be transparent. A good bulk SMS marketing service provider would help you to work out the kinks without spending any money. They should provide a basic free trial of one week to two weeks before you finalize the software. A good bulk SMS marketing service provider will give you the time to do research when needed. 




Bulk SMS marketing is a marketing strategy that will never go out of fashion despite advanced technology and solutions. Bulk SMS marketing is very useful to both businesses and customers at large. Quality customer relationships can be built with bulk SMS marketing.


Bulk SMS marketing is not only cost-effective but quick and efficient way to improve your business communication. Do not ignore bulk SMS marketing if you are a savvy digital marketer. We at Office24by7 Technologies are the best bulk SMS service provider. Contact us at 7097171717 or through email at sales@office24by7.com.


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